Zach Edey's Parents: Early Life, Career, Age, Height & Many

Zach Edey’s Parents: Early Life, Career, Age, Height & Many

The incredible talent Zach Edey, who is Canadian, has made waves in the basketball world by winning over fans with his incredible skill on the court. Even though his basketball prowess is widely known, little is known about his personal life, especially when it comes to specifics about his parents. This mysterious element only serves to heighten the mystery around Edey’s journey, piqueing fans’ interest in learning more about the sources of inspiration and support that have helped him become a successful athlete. Fans all throughout the world are fascinated by Edey’s rise as he forges ahead in the basketball world, wanting to discover the unseen tales of this inspirational man.

Zach Edey’s Parents

Zach Edey was born parents Glen and Julia Edey, whose steadfast support has guided his college career. His parents have supported him on and off the basketball field from the start. Zach’s mother’s tireless promotion of his achievements is noteworthy. Glen and Julia, both athletes, bring a wealth of firsthand experience to their responsibilities as supportive parents. Their mutual love of athletics taught in Zach a great understanding for competitiveness and perseverance, setting the groundwork for his basketball success.

When did Zach Edey’s parents get married?

Glen and Julia Edey have kept their romance private. They don’t discuss how they met, how long they dated, or their wedding day because they respect their privacy. The timeline shows that they had been together for at least 20 years, as their son Zach turned 20. The Edey family is close and supportive, according to reports despite their lack of public openness about their romantic history. Their closeness shows their dedication to each other’s success.

Zach Edey’s Father

Zach Edey’s father, Glen Eday, has always loved sports. Glen, a baseball minor league assistant coach, grew up loving the game. He helps his wife with gardening and beekeeping in addition to his career. Glen is proud of his son Zach’s basketball skills and supports his athletic career. Glen’s constant support for his son’s basketball career embodies father pride and encouragement.

Zach Edey’s Mother

The loving mother of Zach Edey brings a wealth of expertise to her work helping him in sports. Julia loves basketball since high school, which connects her to Zach’s basketball goals. Beyond sports, Julia is a brilliant mechanical engineer, showcasing her versatility and intelligence. She enjoys gardening and beekeeping despite her career, complementing her diverse personality. Julia has attended almost all of Zach’s Purdue games, showing her steadfast support. Julia’s inventive ways to promote Zach’s basketball identity, such as selling “The Big Maple,” t-shirts, show her creativity. Julia has enhanced her son’s support on and off the court by highlighting Zach’s Canadian roots.

Who is Zach Edey? 

Zach Edey, from Toronto, Ontario, was a basketball powerhouse with incredible talent and size. On May 14, 2002, Edey was born and started his athletic career at Leaside High School. Edey switched to basketball in his second year after playing baseball and ice hockey. His height limited him in previous sports. He fully committed to this move and improved his skills with the Northern Kings Amateur Athletic Union program, establishing the groundwork for his future success.

Edey studied organizational leadership at Purdue University while making a name for himself in collegiate basketball. His height and talent catapulted him to the top of the sport, winning him praise from peers and fans. Beyond college, Edey enthusiastically represented Canada abroad. He proved his talent and determination at the 2021 FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup in Latvia, establishing his place as a budding basketball star.

Edey’s career took off after he was chosen to play for Canada at the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup. He was the only collegiate player chosen to represent his country, demonstrating his exceptional skills and dedication. Edey continued to contribute to the Purdue Boilermakers in the Big Ten Conference despite the attraction of the NBA draft. Edey leaves an everlasting stamp on basketball and inspires hope for the future on and off the court with each game.

Zach Edey’s profile summary: 

Full nameZach Edey
NicknameThe Big Maple
Date of birthMay 14, 2002
Age21 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signTaurus
Place of birthToronto, Ontario, Canada
Current residenceWest Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Height (feet)7 feet 4 inches (7’4”)
Height (centimetres)224 cm
Weight (pounds)295 lbs
Weight (kilograms)134 kg
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourBlack
FatherGlen Edey
Siblings1 (Doug Edey)
Relationship statusSingle
EducationLeaside High School, Purdue University
ProfessionProfessional basketball player
Net worth$2 million

Early life and high school career

Zach Edey, born in Toronto on May 14, 2002, is a potential basketball player. Zach started playing ice hockey and baseball after being raised by sports-loving parents. His height and love of basketball led him to his calling. After moving to the US, Zach trained at IMG Academy under coach Daniel Santiago. He committed to Purdue University after being named a top recruit for his effort and talent. Zach pursued basketball stardom with collegiate ambitions.

Zach Edey’s education 

Zach Edey started playing basketball at Leeside High School, where his passion grew. As a Leeside student, he joined the Northern Kings Amateur Athletic Union, which would shape his athletic career. Zach improved his skills and earned court experience on the program’s second-tier squad.

Zach moved to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, to improve his basketball game. Zach trained and competed at IMG Academy, a top basketball school, under experienced coaches and mentors. IMG Academy helped him develop his skills and display his potential nationally.

Zach’s talent and determination earned him a position on the Canadian national basketball team in addition to his studies at IMG Academy. Zach represented his country internationally and competed against elite talent from around the world, improving his talents and broadening his sports experiences.

Zach’s path from Leeside High School to the Northern Kings program, IMG Academy, and the Canadian national team shows his dedication to basketball and his tireless pursuit of success.

How tall is Zach Edey? 

Zach Edey stands at 7 feet 4 inches, or 2.24 meters, tall. His 285 pounds (129 kilos) solid frame complements his unusual height. His height and weight draw attention on the basketball court and help him dominate. Zach is a force in basketball due to his agility, skill set, and physical strength in the paint. 

What size shoe does Zach Edey wear?

Zach Edey wears a size 20 shoe.

College Career

Freshman season

Zach Edey, the tallest Big Ten player at 7 feet 4 inches (2.24 meters), had an immediate impact in his first season at Purdue. Only his great play matched his lofty stature. One highlight was Edey’s season-high 21 points and seven rebounds off the bench in a dramatic 73–69 win over Wisconsin on March 2, 2021.

In 14 minutes per game, Edey averaged 8.7 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 1.1 blocks while playing with Trevion Williams. His influence and promise in collegiate basketball were recognized when he was named to the Big Ten All-Freshman Team. Edey’s impressive freshman season set the stage for a successful collegiate career.

Sophomore season

In his sophomore year at Purdue, Zach Edey became a starter, marking his rise to college basketball stardom. His career-high point totals against Wisconsin and Michigan State showed his scoring ability and paint dominance. Edey improved in many statistical categories throughout the season, demonstrating his versatility and influence on attack and defense. Despite his lower free throw percentage, he was named Second Team All-Big Ten for his accomplishments. Edey’s progress and collegiate basketball dominance were highlighted this season.

Junior season

Zach Edey’s 2022–23 college season was marked by impressive performances. Edey had a huge influence on the court, from career points and blocks for Purdue to Big Ten Player of the Week accolades. His impressive achievements earned him Big Ten Player of the Year, Sporting News National Player of the Year, and consensus first-team All-American honors. Edey’s achievements cemented his fame in college basketball.

Senior season

Returning to Purdue for his final season in 2023-2024 helped Zach Edey cement his legacy as one of the school’s most legendary basketball players. Edey set school records and exceeded 1,000 career rebounds and 2,000 career points throughout the season. Edey’s impact on Purdue’s basketball program will last for years, even though he didn’t use his additional year of eligibility.

What Nationality are Zach Edey’s Parents?

Glen and Julia Edey, Zach’s parents, are Canadians. According to his culture, Glen Edey is Caucasian. In contrast, Julia Edey is Chinese, reflecting her ancestry. His family lineage is rich with Canadian nationality and numerous ethnicities, reflecting the multicultural fabric that affects his identity and basketball career.

Zach Edey’s stats

Zach Edey was the tallest Big Ten player ever during his freshman season, standing out for his height and athleticism. He stood out by grabbing seven rebounds and scoring 21 points off the bench. Edey averaged 1.1 blocks, 4.4 rebounds, and 8.7 points per game, showing his flexibility on the floor. He made the Big Ten’s All-Freshman Team of the Year due to his strong stats, demonstrating his athletic potential.

Edey achieved two milestones on December 17, 2022, marking his Purdue basketball legacy. He became the 11th Purdue player to accomplish 100 career blocks and the 55th to earn 1,000 career points, demonstrating his defensive and offensive skills.

Edey strengthened his international basketball career by representing Canada in the 2021 FIBA Under-19 Basketball World Cup in Latvia. He averaged 15.1 points, 14.1 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks per game in the tournament. Edey’s outstanding play helped Canada win the bronze medal, solidifying his status as a great talent with the ability to affect the world basketball scene.

Zach Edey’s Girlfriend

Despite public interest in Zach Edey’s personal life, his sexual connections are unknown. With no outward sign of a relationship, Edey appears to be single.

Edey appears to prioritize his basketball career over other elements of his life. This undivided focus shows he puts athletics before romance.

His passion to his basketball profession defines Edey’s public identity, but his personal life is quiet. Fans should anticipate his on-court accomplishments to be the spotlight as he continues to improve in basketball.

Zach Edey’s parents are big supporters of their son

Zach Edey’s parents, especially Julia Edey, have supported him throughout his Purdue basketball career. Julia attends practically every game, showing her passion to Zach’s college basketball career.

Julia has also spent time promoting her son’s talents by giving supporters t-shirts with his moniker, “The Big Maple,” a reference to his height and Canadian heritage. Her attempts to promote Zach and seek crowd support demonstrate Zach and his parents’ strong attachment and support.

The support of Zach’s parents is crucial as he pursues basketball, including a possible NBA career. Zach’s exceptional skills and family support position him for success in his next basketball season, despite any obstacles.

What is Zach Edey’s Ethnicity?

Zach Edey was born in Toronto, Canada, to Chinese mother Julia and white father Glen. Zach’s distinct perspective and demeanor are formed by his upbringing’s mix of cultures.

Julia Edey, a retired mechanical engineer, has stood by Zach throughout his basketball career. Attending his games and going the additional mile to support him shows her passion. Julia has gained recognition by selling t-shirts featuring Zach’s nickname, “The Big Maple,” a creative reference to his Canadian origin and height.

Zach’s multicultural upbringing and mother’s unwavering support have helped him grow as an athlete and person. As he advances in basketball, his eclectic upbringing shapes his identity and achievement.

FAQs about Zach Edey’s Parents:

Parents of Zach Edey?

Zach’s parents are Glen and Julia. Glen is a youth baseball league assistant coach, while Julia is a mechanical engineer.

Zach Edey’s parents’ sports background?

Glen and Julia Edey played athletics in high school and college.

When did Zach Edey’s parents marry?

Glen and Julia Edey’s marriage date and how they met are unknown.

How do Zach Edey’s parents affect his basketball career?

Glen and Julia Edey have supported Zach’s basketball career, with Julia attending most Purdue games over his three seasons. Julia even gave supporters “The Big Maple,” t-shirts to promote her kid.

Parents of Zach Edey: what ethnicity?

Zach is mixed-race since Glen and Julia Edey are Caucasian and Chinese.


Zach Edey’s basketball skills and rise to fame have justifiably gained notice, but his parents, Glen and Julia Edey, were key behind the scenes. Despite their low profile, they have supported and encouraged Zach throughout his adventure. Julia’s diligent efforts to promote her son’s abilities demonstrate the Edey family’s closeness. As Zach continues to make an impact on basketball, his parents remain crucial to his success on and off the court.

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