Trey Kulley Majors: Early Life, Education, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & Many

Trey Kulley Majors: Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & Many

Trey Kulley Majors, son of Lee Majors, has smoothly entered the modeling business and established his own personality. His rise to fame in the fashion world is due to his talent, family history, and remarkable beauty. This thorough biography covers Trey’s childhood, career, major accomplishments, and his father’s great influence on his life.

Who Is Trey Kulley Majors?

Trey Kelley Majors, born October 22, 1992, is a rising model and actor. Trey has worked hard to distinguish himself with his talent, charisma, and style, despite coming from a famous family. His runway appearances and fashion magazine pieces have gained praise. Truly versatile and passionate about performance, Trey has easily transitioned from the runway to acting, solidifying his place in the entertainment industry.

Wiki And Bio

Full NameTrey Kulley Majors
Date of BirthOctober 22, 1992
Place of BirthFort Lauderdale, FL
OccupationModel, Actor
Net WorthNot Available
Age31 years old
Known ForModeling, Acting
Height182 cm (approx. 6 feet)
Zodiac SignLibra
Relationship StatusSingle
Notable AchievementsVogue features, runway shows, acting roles
SiblingsLee Majors II, Nikki Majors, Dane Luke Majors (Twin)

Early Life of Trey Kulley Majors

Born October 22, 1992, Trey Kulley Majors was raised in showbiz’s glamor. In a show about a business-connected family, Trey grew up in the spotlight. His father, Lee Majors, was famous for roles in “The Fall Guy” and “The Six Million Dollar Man.” His father’s film escapades inspired Trey to want the spotlight. Trey’s mother, Karen Velez, also worked in entertainment, fueling his love of the spotlight. Trey’s natural path into modeling and fashion was shaped by his parents’ occupations and Hollywood’s attraction.

Educations of Trey Kulley Majors

Despite coming from an acting family, Trey Kulley Majors found his interest in fashion and modeling. After graduating high school, he studied business at USC. Trey participated in fashion shows and modeling contests throughout college despite his varied academic route. He improved his talents, explored his hobbies, and learned about fashion’s ever-changing world through these experiences. Trey found his place in a field he loved via academics and hands-on experience.

Physical Appearance 

Physical CharacteristicDescription
HeightApproximately 6 feet tall
Body TypeSlender and toned, indicative of a healthy lifestyle
JawlineChiseled and well-defined
EyesPenetrating and expressive; may vary in color (blue, green, hazel)
Overall ImpressionFascinating charisma, beautiful looks inherited from his father, alluring presence as a singular individual

Trey Kulley Majors is charming and gorgeous like his father. Trey, who is 6 feet tall, is slim and healthy. Trey’s beautiful face adds to his appeal. Penetrating eyes in blue, green, and hazel intensify his stare. Trey’s distinctive physical traits make him a compelling model and fashion icon.

Trey Kulley Majors Father, Lee Majors

Famous American actor Lee Majors, born Harvey Lee Yeary in Wyandotte, Michigan, on April 23, 1939, is known for his film and television roles. While playing Colonel Steve Austin in the 1970s hit show “The Six Million Dollar Man,” Majors became famous. The series followed a former astronaut turned bionic man following a near-fatal accident, winning Majors praise for his gripping performance and the show’s original idea.

Before becoming famous for “The Six Million Dollar Man,” Majors starred in several films and TV shows, including “The Big Valley” (1965–1969) as Heath Barkley. This Western series established Majors’ acting career by showcasing his abilities.

After “The Six Million Dollar Man,” Majors starred in “The Fall Guy” (1981–1986) as a Hollywood stuntman turned bounty hunter. Majors’ television fame was cemented by this spectacular series.

Lee Majors made cameos in films including “The Norseman” (1978) and “Agency” (1980), demonstrating his flexibility and lasting impact on the business.

Kulley Majors’s Mother, Karen Velez

In the 1980s, American model and actress Karen Velez was famous. Born in Rockville Centre, New York, on January 27, 1961, she became famous as a Playboy Playmate. Playboy magazine discovered Velez, launching her modeling career. She made her Playboy debut in 1984 as the December Playmate of the Month, capturing readers with her unique beauty, engaging personality, and seductive charm.

After her Playmate role, Velez appeared in more Playboy pictorials and special editions. Her Playboy involvement enhanced her status, and she was praised for her beauty and photogenic qualities. Karen Velez’s 1980s model and Playboy Playmate career shows her lasting impact.


Carlos Yeary, born April 8, 1962, is Lee Majors II, the eldest son of the famed actor. Lee Majors II, like his father, has made a name for himself as an actor, producer, and director in films and TV shows.

Lee Majors and Kathy Robinson, his first wife, had Nikki Majors in February 1988. Nikki has chosen a quieter life than her father, avoiding show business.

The son of famous American actor Lee Majors, Dane Luke Majors, has become a successful actor. Dane Luke Majors has succeeded in showbiz despite his legendary lineage.


A local fashion show changed Trey’s life by launching his modeling career. Trey’s distinctive appearance and engaging personality caught the attention of a famous fashion photographer, who saw his potential. This interaction led Trey to various modeling agencies and the competitive fashion world.

Trey had no idea that signing with a top modeling agency would launch his career. After this chance meeting at the fashion event, Trey became engaged in the exciting world of fashion, walking runways and appearing in ads, confirming his image as a rising modeling sensation.

Personal Life

Trey Kulley Majors is known for his humility and close relationships with loved ones. Trey prioritizes real relationships over stardom despite his rising prominence. Trey values sincerity and genuine connections as his star rises.

Trey’s modesty and approachability have won over fans and industry peers. Trey’s kindness and honesty leave a lasting impression on everyone he meets, whether backstage or with his family. His sincerity identifies him and creates a good impression on people who know him.

Fashion and Style Influence

Trey Kulley Majors, known for his flawless style and seamless ability to pull off varied outfits, is a style icon. His mix of classic elegance and cutting-edge technology has made him a fashion icon worldwide.

Trey’s social media posts inspire his followers to try new styles. Beyond modeling, Trey has worked with famous fashion designers and businesses, bringing his unique style to their collections. His sharp eye for new trends and deep understanding of the fashion industry have made him a trusted influencer and style authority.

Modeling Success and Achievements

Trey Kulley Majors has had incredible success in the tough modeling industry since his debut. His razor-sharp jawline, soul-piercing eyes, and dominating demeanor made Trey a global star and a favorite of top fashion businesses and designers.

Vogue, GQ, and Elle have featured his easy grace and adaptability, cementing his status as a style hero. Beyond creating postures for the camera, Trey is a formidable catwalk presence, attracting fashion insiders and fans.

Trey has been at major fashion weeks and on glossy magazine covers, demonstrating his versatility in streetwear and haute couture. This adaptability makes him one of the most sought-after models in the industry.

The Influence of Lee Majors

Despite the challenges of being the son of Lee Majors, Trey Kelley Majors appreciates his father’s legacy’s benefits. Trey is determined to make his own way in modeling, despite the benefits of a famous surname.

Trey has worked hard to display his talent and dedication. He wants to be remembered for his modeling achievements as well as his illustrious ancestry.

Future Aspirations

Trey Kelley Majors wants to attempt new things in the entertainment world. While succeeding in modeling, Trey wants to challenge himself with acting parts that demonstrate his talent and versatility.Trey may easily transition into acting due to his charisma and dedication. He hopes to leave a legacy beyond modeling.

Favorite Things

Favorite SportsBasketball & Golf.
Favorite City/CountryNew York, United States.

Interesting Facts About Trey Kulley Majors

  • A Caucasian American, Trey Kulley Majors, attended a top college and graduated from university. He is interested in fashion and modeling professionally, suggesting a career in these disciplines. Trey is also a successful real estate businessman.
  • Being the son of famous American actor Lee Majors and having a twin link with Dane Luke Majors has made him famous in the media. Trey spends time with his father and is close to him.

Trey, known for his excellent attitude and sense of humor, has likely been in a relationship.

Trey Kulley Majors Net Worth

Like Armstead Edwards, Trey Kulley Majors is carving himself a unique modeling career. Trey, unlike his father and brother, has a successful modeling career, appearing in brands and publications and working with many agencies.

Trey’s annual income is likely $54,498, which is common for US models. Trey recognises the possibility of inheritance from his $15 million father Lee Majors. Despite this promise, Trey refuses to depend on family riches. Instead, he works hard to build an independent modeling career.

Social Media

Trey Kulley Majors avoids Instagram, contrary to popular belief. Trey prefers a peaceful life to avoid the spotlight’s constant attention. Not using social media, Trey’s family shares this tendency towards solitude. They prefer a peaceful life and avoid disagreements and gossip to focus on their personal and professional goals without internet distractions.

FAQs about Trey Kulley Majors:

Trey Kulley Majors was born when?

October 22, 1992, Trey Kulley Majors was born.

How tall is Trey Kulley Majors?

Trey Kulley Majors is towering and dominating at 6 feet (182 cm).

What does Trey Kulley Majors do?

Model and actor Trey Kulley Majors has made tremendous contributions to fashion and entertainment.

Who are Trey Kulley Majors’ siblings?

Lee Majors II, Nikki, and Dane Luke Majors are Trey Kulley’s siblings.

Who are Trey Kulley Majors’ parents?

Trey Kulley Majors’ parents are Karen Velez and Lee Majors, a famous actor.

What did Trey Kulley Majors study?

Trey studied business at the University of Southern California, demonstrating academic and professional dedication.

What is Trey Kulley Majors’ entertainment career?

Trey is a rising fashion and entertainment star as a model and actor, demonstrating his versatility and passion for performing.

Does Trey Kulley Majors use social media?

No, Trey Kulley Majors has opted not to use Instagram to live a more private life away from the spotlight.

Trey Kulley Majors’ favorite sports?

Trey enjoys basketball and golf outside of entertainment.

Trey Kulley Majors’ future goals?

Trey wants to pursue new entertainment business prospects, especially in acting, to leave a legacy of talent and dedication.


Trey Kulley Majors, born into an entertainment family, has carved himself a successful modeling and acting career. Trey’s path through fashion shows his talent, charisma, and flair, influenced by his famous father, Lee Majors. Trey works hard and is dedicated to achievement despite family affluence. His groundedness and strong personal and professional relationships have gained him industry respect. As Trey embraces new prospects, his rise promises a bright future.

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