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Tom MacDonald is not only just a rapper he is also a songwriter, singer, YouTuber, composer, and also a former professional wrestler. Tom Macdonald was born on 21 September 1988. “Hangover gang” is used by his fans and followers. Tom is always in the news because of his controversy. He has a very high popularity on social media platforms; they also made his  Tom MacDonald not simply your normal rapper; he’s a multi-skilled craftsman, spreading over the domains of songwriting, singing, YouTube content creation, forming, and, surprisingly, a spell as an expert grappler.

 Brought into the world on September 21, 1988, his fans affectionately allude to themselves as the “Headache group,” a demonstration of his committed following. Tom is no stranger to controversy; his outspoken opinions frequently make the news.

 With a huge presence via virtual entertainment, his music rapidly gets forward momentum, spellbinding crowds all over.

 Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Tom’s foundations run somewhere down in the city where he spent his early stages close to his mom, Lee Ann MacDonald. Not entirely set in stone and focused since early on, Tom sharpened his specialty vigorously, ultimately arising as a quintessential expert, especially succeeding in his melodious ability and rap abilities. 

In spite of his melodic ability, Tom doesn’t avoid tending to hard-hitting themes in his music and public appearances. 

He’s known for talking truly about his scorn for medications and opiates, utilizing his foundation to advocate for a Tom’s excursion in media outlets has been set apart by devotion and tirelessness.

 His effect on the music scene is certain, with fans enthusiastically expecting his next manifestations. While his music might work up contention now and again, there’s no denying his ability and commitment to his art. cleaner way of life.

songs very popular in a short span of time.

MacDonald belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and also has American citizenship. Vancouver is the hometown of Tom and he spent his earlier days here with his mother Lee Ann MacDonald. He worked very hard to become a professional in his teenage years. His songs have a huge impact on the audience and fans are always eager to know about his upcoming songs but on the other hand, his music and some of his speeches become a little bit harsh. He frequently talks in interviews and public speeches about his dislike for illicit medicines and narcotics. He is very professional and skilled in his work, especially in lyrics and rapping.

tom macdonald Personal life

In 2016, Macdonald faced a tough battle with mental health issues triggered by substance abuse and anxiety. It took him until early 2017 to start recovering.

 By August 2017, he had made some progress in managing his anxiety and even released his early music album titled “Dear Rappers.” 

During that year, there was much speculation about his romantic life, as he began dating Canadian singer Nova Rockafeller. Interestingly, Nova has been actively supporting and promoting MacDonald’s songs and rap videos.

Who is tom macdonald

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tom macdonald  Bio

Tom MacDonald is a multi-capable Canadian individual known for his ability in hip-bounce, as well as his endeavors as a retired proficient grappler and musician.

 During his adolescent years, Tom wandered into the universe of wrestling, contending in rings across Canada. In any case, it was his obsession for rap that eventually caught his heart.

Despite the fact that Tom’s melodic excursion started in 2014, it was in 2018 that he genuinely left his imprint with the arrival of his single, Whiteboy. This track launched him into the spotlight, accumulating consideration and praise inside the American hip-bounce industry.

Tom’s ascent to unmistakable quality close to regarded figures like Eminem features his obvious ability and devotion to his specialty.

tom macdonald Wiki

NameTom MacDonald
Estimated Net Worth$8 Million Dollars (as of 2024)
ProfessionCanadian rapper and songwriter
Date of Birth21 September 1988
Age35 years old
Height178 cm
Weight69 kg (141 lbs)
BirthplaceBritish Columbia, Canada

Tom macdonald Education

There isn’t a lot of data accessible about MacDonald’s scholastic foundation, however it’s unmistakable he has a specific degree of training.

While particulars about his capabilities stay slippery, it’s conceivable he went to a neighborhood school in English Columbia

Tom macdonald Age

Assuming we figure it out, Tom MacDonald is at present 36 years of age. Since his birthday falls on September 21st and today is May seventh, he hasn’t celebrated his birthday yet this year.So, until then, he remains 36 years young

Tom macdonald Height

The notorious rapper stands at 6 bases altitudinous and 1 inch altitudinous. His weight is presently under review.

tom macdonald Career

He left on his excursion in 2009, denoting the start of a noteworthy vocation. “LeeAnn’s Child” filled in as his presentation collection, displaying his initial abilities.

During this time, he likewise wandered into the domain of YouTube, establishing the groundwork for his advanced presence.

 Nonetheless, it was his collection “Dear Rappers,” delivered in 2017, that genuinely launch him to acclaim. Known for his unmistakable style, portrayed by fast achievement and acclaim, Tom MacDonald’s fleeting ascent became apparent.

One of his champion tracks, “Sellout,” delivered in November 2020, had an exceptional effect, gathering 1,000,000 perspectives inside a solitary day and getting a spot among YouTube’s most well known melodies.

MacDonald’s accentuation on expressive profundity and cadenced dominance charms his crowd, frequently diving into subjects of racial parody.

MacDonald’s melodic portfolio challenges order, as he reliably conveys unusual and amazing arrangements.

 Tracks like “Whiteboy” and “Straight White Male” have earned broad approval for their interesting verses.

In the midst of the worldwide strife of the Coronavirus pandemic in Walk 2020, MacDonald tended to the emergency with a powerful and complex melody, exhibiting his flexibility and importance in the constantly changing scene of music.

tom macdonald net worth

As of 2021, according to Wealthy Gorilla, the rapper is believed to possess a net worth of around $800 thousand. This wealth is attributed to his endeavors in the world of rap, lucrative endorsements, and the success of his custom-made clothing line, which features a range of hoodies and t-shirts.

tom macdonald Relationship

MacDonald started struggling in his early life, his younger days are not so easy. And his love life is not as usual as others. You can find many rappers whose name is attached to many different girls and also they have a list of relationships in the past but in this case, Tom has only a lady Nova Rockafeller.

Nova Rockafeller is a Canadian artist by profession. They started dating each other in 2009 and surprisingly still you don’t find any bad news about their relationship. Tom has been happily in a relationship with his girlfriend Nova Rockafeller for the last 13 years. Do you know how it happened?

Because both follow the same profession and hobbies. They both started a band together in the year 2017 named “GFB”. The band belongs to the punk rock genre and the band is rapidly gaining popularity on facebook and Twitter.

And the band’s social media accounts are also so beautiful and attractive. PHONE CALLS is the latest video of this band, the lyrics of the video are awesome and so unique. They put a very catchy and interesting caption on every post on social media.


Name: Nova Rockefeller is Tom MacDonald’s long-time partner and wife.
Profession: Nova Rockefeller is a Canadian artist, aligning with MacDonald’s artistic endeavors.
Duration of Relationship: MacDonald and Rockefeller have been together for over 13 years, demonstrating the strength and stability of their relationship.
Band Collaboration: Both MacDonald and Rockefeller share a passion for music. They collaborated to form the band “GF BF” in 2017, showcasing their mutual love for punk rock music.
Social Media Presence: The couple maintains an active and engaging presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, often sharing updates about their music and personal life.
Supportive Relationship: Rockefeller has been actively supporting MacDonald in his music career, promoting his songs and rap videos to their fanbase.


Tom MacDonald’s wife, Nova Rockefeller, is an integral part of his personal and professional life. They have been together for over a decade and share a deep connection through their mutual love for music. Collaborating in their band “GFBF” and maintaining a strong social media presence, they exemplify a supportive and enduring relationship.

FAQs :

  1. Q: When did Tom MacDonald and Nova Rockefeller start dating?
    A: MacDonald and Rockefeller began their relationship in 2009, and they have been together ever since.
  2. Q: What genre of music does the band “GFBF” belong to?
    A: “GFBF” is a punk rock band, reflecting the musical preferences and talents of both MacDonald and Rockefeller.
  3. Q: How does Nova Rockefeller support Tom MacDonald in his music career?
    A: Nova Rockefeller actively promotes MacDonald’s songs and rap videos, leveraging her own artistic platform to boost his visibility and success.
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