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Stelle Ciccone: From Malawi Orphanage to Madonna’s Heart – A Journey of Love and Opportunity


Since they were five years old, Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister Estere have shared an unshakable friendship. They were adopted by Madonna from the Home of Hope Orphanage in Malawi, and she welcomed them into her family back in 2017.

Their journey into Madonna’s family wasn’t a one-time thing. Before Stelle and Estere, Madonna had already embraced two other children from Malawi into her heart and home. But amidst the fame surrounding their mother, Stelle treasures her childhood with the same innocence and wonder as any other little girl.

She finds joy in the simple things, relishing the everyday privileges of being part of Madonna’s family. Growing up in the spotlight comes with its challenges, but Stelle faces them with a mix of grace and curiosity, navigating her way through childhood with determination and a sense of adventure.

Who Is Stelle Ciccone? 

Who Is Stelle Ciccone? 

In the center of Malawi, Stelle and Estere set off on their expedition in 2012. Though they were born on August 24th, their early years were clouded by grief because their mother, Patricia Mwale, died soon after giving birth as a result of complications following a cesarean section.

Their dad, Adam Mwale, a farmer in a small Malawian village, faced tough times after losing his wife. Due to his financial difficulties, he was forced to make the painful choice to give Stelle and Estere up to the Home of Hope Orphanage in Mchinji. near Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe. Despite the challenges, Adam never stopped showing his love for his daughters. He made sure to visit them regularly at the orphanage, making sure they felt his love and support.

Stelle and Estere remained bonded like glue in spite of the difficulties. Each birthday they commemorated served as a reminder of their tenacity and their close relationship. Their tale is a stunning illustration of the strength of familial love and the optimism that endures even under the most difficult circumstances.

Stelle Ciccone’s Biography 

Stelle Ciccone entered the world on August 24, 2012, in Malawi, where her parents, Adam and Patricia Mwale, greeted her arrival with overwhelming love. Being a Virgo, now at the age of ten, she embodies traits like practicality and nurturing, which shine brightly in her personality.

Adam, a dedicated small-scale farmer, faced immense challenges after Patricia’s tragic passing. He took the heartbreaking decision to put Stelle and her twin sister, Estere, in an orphanage since he was grieving deeply and had two small kids to take care of.

Little did Adam know, this decision would intersect with destiny when Madonna, during her visit to Malawi, crossed paths with Stelle and Estere. Madonna’s compassionate heart led her to adopt the twins, becoming a beacon of hope in their lives. With Madonna’s boundless love and care, Stelle and Estere found themselves embraced by new opportunities and a home filled with warmth and security, a dream come true beyond their wildest imaginations.

Stelle Ciccone Age 

Born under the mild sign of Virgo, Stelle Ciccone entered the world on August 24, 2012, in Malawi, East Africa. Their parents, Patricia and Adam Mwale, embraced her and her twin sister, Estere, with open arms. Their happiness was short-lived, though, as tragedy came shortly after and their mother passed away from complications during childbirth.

Adam had to make the difficult decision to give Stelle and Estere over to the Home of Hope orphanage in Mchinji because he had limited means and would be parenting two girls by himself. Adam made sure to be a steady presence in their life despite their physical distance from one another, paying them many visits to show them support and love.

In a strange turn of events, Stelle and Estere and Madonna met in 2017 while the latter was doing humanitarian work in Malawi. Madonna decided to adopt them after being moved by their narrative and motivated by compassion. This decision changed their lives. Stelle and Estere said goodbye to their native country and set out on a new voyage in New York, USA, where they joined Madonna’s blended family, all with her love.

Within the four walls of their new home, Stelle was surrounded by his siblings, Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, David Banda, and Mercy James. With her devoted family’s unwavering support, she is now thriving in her new environment, enjoying school, and conquering life’s hurdles.

Stelle Ciccone’s Glamourous New Beginning in America 

For Stelle, being adopted by Madonna feels like living in a fairytale, especially with her new mom’s worldwide fame. Going from a life of uncertainty in Malawi to a stable and loving family with homes in New York, London, and Lisbon has been an incredible journey for her. With Madonna always there for her, Stelle feels like the future holds endless possibilities.

Stelle shares a special connection with her new mom, who goes out of her way to make every moment memorable. Whether it’s throwing extravagant birthday bashes in Jamaica or capturing precious memories on social media, Madonna ensures that Stelle and her twin sister know they are cherished and valued.

Taking a cue from her big brother David Banda’s love for soccer, Stelle has developed a passion for the sport and loves playing alongside him. She’s also inherited her mom’s passion for music and dancing, often joining Madonna on stage during her performances. Stelle and her sister even got the chance to be backup dancers during Madonna’s Madam X tour in 2019, alongside their sister Mercy James.

Stelle and her sister, although coming from a well-known family, would rather live in seclusion, away from the spotlight of Madonna’s scandals. Rather, they concentrate on enhancing their abilities and relishing their happy existence, appreciative of the affection and assistance from their devoted family.

Stelle Ciccone’s Parents And Siblings 

The parents of this little child, Patricia and Adam Mwale, toiled diligently as farmers in Malawi before beginning their story. Nevertheless, misfortune befell her early on when she lost her mother soon after giving birth as a result of difficulties during a cesarean section. Their father had to make the painful decision to give her and her twin sister, Estere, over to the Home of Hope orphanage in Mchinji because he was having financial difficulties and was unable to care for them on his own. He made care to visit them frequently despite their distance, letting them know they were loved and supported.

Then, in 2017, their lives took a big turn when their dad agreed to let Madonna adopt the twins. It was a huge decision that changed everything, leading them to move to New York and become part of the famous pop star’s family. Madonna, who’s known for her big and loving family, including her own kids Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon and Rocco Ritchie, as well as adopted children David Banda and Mercy James from Malawi, welcomed the girls with open arms, making them feel right at home.

Who Is Stelle Ciccone’s Twin Sister?

Stelle Ciccone and her twin sister, Estere Ciccone, have a fantastic bond. They were both brought into the world on August 24, 2012, in Malawi, and at an early stage in life, they’re similar to practically twins, though with a few differences. You’ll frequently find them laughing endlessly, messing around, and simply appreciating each other’s conversation.

While Stelle may be drawn to the spotlight, Estere is more laid-back. She has this amazing talent for painting and drawing; you can always find her sitting down to create beautiful pieces of art on white sheets, pencil or paintbrush in hand. It appears as though she is holding back a great amount of creative energy that is just aching to be expressed.

Believe me, Estere is not just an artist but also the cutest sister you could ever hope for. She constantly watches out for Stelle, ensuring that she is comfortable and well-cared for. Their friendship embodies the essence of sisterhood: mutual encouragement, belly laughs, and creating enduring memories.

When she was a toddler, her biological parents were unable to meet her needs

Like many families in Malawi, Stelle’s early years were difficult. Adam Mwale, her father, was a hardworking small-scale farmer, but raising five children was a daily challenge. Regarding her biological mother, little is known about her profession.

With debts mounting and no family to support him, Adam had to make a difficult decision. He took the heartbreaking choice to put Stelle and her sister in an orphanage because he was unable to provide them with the life they deserved. Many African families face a difficult decision when things go hard and they are unable to support their kids.

But sometimes, out of darkness comes light. Fate had other plans for Stelle and her sister. It was at that orphanage that they crossed paths with Madonna. Her big heart and determination to help kids in need led her to adopt Stelle and her sister into her own family. What started as a tough situation turned into a beautiful blessing, giving Stelle and her sister a chance at a brighter future with their new mom.

Stelle’s New Mom, Madonna, Has Also Adopted Other Children

The fact that Madonna’s heart beats for adoption is no secret. Mercy James in 2009 and David Banda in 2006 were two Malawian youngsters that she had welcomed into her heart before Stelle and her twin sister joined her. However, there was drama associated with those adoptions as well. Because of all the media attention, David’s adoption caused controversy, with some accusing Madonna of “kidnapping” him. Additionally, Madonna’s residence in Malawi conflicted with adoption rules, causing Mercy James’ adoption to encounter difficulties.

After learning from these experiences, Madonna decided to take a different approach with the twins. Even though she was in Malawi, she kept their adoption on the down-low, maybe to avoid all the scrutiny and challenges she’d faced before. But when she met Stelle and her sister at the orphanage, she was touched by their presence and knew she wanted to bring them into her family. She missed having a full house with laughter and affection.

Finally revealing the truth, Madonna declared the twins’ adoption on her Instagram in February 2017. After spending a year together in New York, the adoption process was finalized, sealing their bond as a family forever.

Awards and recognition

Stelle Ciccone’s award stands as a significant recognition of her unwavering commitment to championing children’s rights and shedding light on the challenges faced by orphans in Malawi. It serves as a guiding light, highlighting her growing influence as a source of hope and inspiration for young people worldwide.

With the weight of this recognition, Stelle’s voice carries further, her message reaching broader audiences. The award has acted as a catalyst, propelling her efforts to new heights and enabling her to build connections with like-minded individuals dedicated to supporting children in need.

In essence, Stelle’s accolade is a powerful testament to the transformative impact young advocates can have. It underscores the importance of recognizing and supporting the endeavors of young activists, whose influence extends far beyond their years.

As for Madonna, her dedication to adoption is well-known. Even before welcoming Stelle and her twin sister into her family, she had already adopted two children from Malawi: David Banda in 2006 and Mercy James in 2009. Sadly, David’s adoption sparked controversy, with accusations of Madonna “kidnapping” him due to the media attention. Mercy James’ adoption also faced obstacles, as Madonna’s residency in Malawi clashed with adoption laws.

Stelle Ciccone Residence

Stelle’s life has been quite the adventure right from the start. Growing up in a Malawi orphanage alongside her beloved twin sister created an unbreakable bond between them, full of shared experiences and treasured moments. But everything changed dramatically when Madonna welcomed them into her family, sweeping them off to the vibrant streets of New York City.

But you know, New York City is just one chapter in their global escapades. Together with her adopted family, Stelle has developed into an experienced traveler who discovers the world’s beauties one place at a time. Their journeys provide a vibrant picture of a variety of experiences and civilizations, whether it’s losing yourself in the ageless elegance of London, feeling the romance in the air of Paris, or soaking in the energy of Lisbon’s bustling streets.

Every trip they take is an expression of their curiosity and spirit of adventure, not just a way to see the sights. Stelle embraces new environments and forges lifelong experiences in every location they go, developing into a truly global citizen with an open mind and an unquenchable curiosity about what’s out there.

Stelle Ciccone Net Worth

X, who’s currently in school, hasn’t started making her own money yet. On the other hand, her parent, a big name in the Rock and Roll Hall scene, is sitting on a hefty fortune of $850 million. They’ve got about $80 million worth of stuff and a bunch of artistic collections worth over $100 million.

X Ciccone and her twin sister Estere are living a lifestyle that many young girls dream of. With Madonna as their mom now, they’ve got all sorts of opportunities to shape their futures and follow their passions.

Stelle Ciccone’s Social Media 

Stelle and her twin sister Estere run a joint Instagram account called “Estere & Stella,” where they capture their adventures with their famous mom and siblings. Madonna has mentioned that the twins are pretty sporty, loving games like soccer and tennis.

Their older brother, David Banda, is chasing his soccer dreams and is busy training at a football academy in Portugal. As for their sister Mercy, she’s all about extreme sports, bringing her own cool vibe to the family’s mix.


Stelle Ciccone, born in Malawi on August 24, 2012, alongside her twin sister Estere, had a tumultuous start in life after their mother’s passing. Their father, Adam Mwale, faced financial struggles and made the difficult decision to place them in an orphanage, where they caught the attention of Madonna during her humanitarian work in Malawi in 2017. Madonna adopted Stelle and Estere, bringing them into her family and providing them with a life of stability, love, and opportunity in New York City. Despite the fame surrounding their mother, Stelle treasures her childhood with innocence and embraces everyday joys. She shares a special bond with her twin sister and enjoys pursuits like soccer, painting, and dancing. Stelle and Estere maintain a low profile, focusing on personal growth and family bonds, while also sharing glimpses of their lives on social media.


  1. Born in Malawi on August 24, 2012, Stelle Ciccone shares an unbreakable bond with her twin sister Estere.
  2. Their father, Adam Mwale, faced financial difficulties after their mother’s passing and placed them in the Home of Hope Orphanage.
  3. Madonna adopted Stelle and Estere in 2017, providing them with a loving and stable home in New York City.
  4. Stelle enjoys soccer, painting, and dancing, inheriting her mother’s passion for music and performance.
  5. Despite their mother’s fame, Stelle and Estere prefer to maintain a low profile and focus on their family and personal interests.


Who are Stelle Ciccone’s parents?

Stelle’s biological parents are Adam and the late Patricia Mwale from Malawi. Madonna adopted Stelle and her twin sister Estere in 2017.

What is Stelle Ciccone known for?

Stelle Ciccone gained recognition for being adopted by Madonna and becoming part of her famous family. She enjoys sports like soccer, has a talent for painting, and often joins Madonna on stage during performances.

Where does Stelle Ciccone live?

Stelle currently resides in New York City with her adoptive family, which includes Madonna and her siblings.

Does Stelle Ciccone have social media?

Yes, Stelle and her twin sister Estere share an Instagram account called “Estere & Stella,” where they document their adventures with their family.

What are Stelle Ciccone’s interests?

Stelle is interested in soccer, painting, and dancing. She often participates in family activities and enjoys spending time with her siblings.

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