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Seven Sirius Benjamin Bio

Seven Sirius Benjamin came into this world on a crisp November day in 1997, right in the heart of lively Texas. His parents, Andree and Badu, are like royalty in the music realm, with Andree making waves as a versatile artist, and Badu enchanting audiences with her soulful voice. Growing up, Seven was immersed in a family where creativity flowed like a river.

His roots run deep, with grandparents who were pillars of strength and determination. His grandmother, Sharon, a force to be reckoned with in the real estate world, and his grandfather, a dedicated agent, instilled values that would shape Seven’s character. Their passing left a void, but their legacy lives on in Seven’s heart.

Being an only child in a bustling household can have its perks, but Seven found companionship in his step-siblings, Puma and Mars, adding layers to their family dynamics. Despite the fame surrounding his parents, Seven kept his personal life private. However, his journey through education unveiled a surprising passion for botany, showing a side of him that few knew existed.

Although it could have been easy for Seven’s dreams to be eclipsed by growing up in the shadow of musical icons, he is determined to pave his own course. He’s blazing his own trail, one that speaks to his distinct character and passions, rather than merely emulating his parents. Even if everyone is curious to see into his life, Seven is still intent on making his mark on the world and crafting his own story.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Wiki

Full nameSeven Sirius Benjamin
Date of birth18 November 1997
Age26 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthDallas, Texas, USA
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
MotherErica Abi Wright (Erykah Badu)
FatherAndré Lauren Benjamin (André 3000)
SiblingsTwo (Mars Merkaba Thedford and Puma Sabti Curry) 
UniversityUniversity of Colorado-Boulder

Seven Sirius Benjamin Education

Back in 2019, Sirius’s mother wrote a touching Instagram post about their experience homeschooling and confessing that she has been the one directing her children’s education. It’s evidence of the tight relationship they have as a family.

Erykah Badu happily revealed that Sirius had received admission letters from four institutions in a tweet that went viral back in 2016. She even revealed that he planned to major in psychology, the arts, and science. But plans changed, as life often does. In 2019, Badu’s Instagram post revealed the reasoning behind Sirius’s choice to major in Psychology and Botany. It’s evidence of the flexibility of passions and dreams, demonstrating that sometimes the route we initially intended to follow ends up being even more rewarding.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Parents Doubted Having Him

The two had a lengthy talk when Erykah Badu revealed she was expecting Andre’s child. At the pinnacle of their professions, they had to consider if they were prepared to become parents. In an interview with The New Yorker, Andre 3000 talked candidly about this crucial time and the introspection they had to undergo. Thinking about how having a baby would alter their lives was a major decision.

They took the emotional decision to bring their first child, Seven Sirius Benjamin, into the world in spite of the uncertainties. They made the decision to gracefully manage the demands of both worlds as they navigated the path of fatherhood alongside their musical endeavors.

Today, even though Seven’s parents have gone their separate ways in their personal lives, their bond with him remains strong. He has a close relationship with both his parents that transcends their distance from one another. Although Seven doesn’t have a personal Instagram page, he frequently appears on his mother’s, providing hints about their close-knit bond.

It’s truly heartening to see that despite their different paths, Seven’s parents prioritize their relationship with him above all else. Their unwavering love and active presence in his life speak volumes about the depth of their commitment to their son.

The Presentation of Him

Seven Sirius Benjamin doesn’t like being in the spotlight. He would rather live a tranquil life away from the spotlight and media attention. His currency is privacy, which he values highly and protects by hiding his private affairs from prying eyes.

Seven holds his romantic life in particular close to his breast. He’s not one to reveal his romantic relationships to the press. It’s how he protects the closeness of his relationships from the unceasing attention, clinging to a sliver of normalcy.

But there’s one thing about Seven that his dad, Andre, just couldn’t resist sharing. During a surprise radio appearance, Andre let slip about Seven’s secret talent: he can rap, and he’s darn good at it. It’s a skill Seven has honed quietly, without seeking the spotlight. Yet, his lyrical prowess is undeniable, a testament to the musical genes running through his veins.

While Seven may not be rushing to center stage with his rapping, there’s no denying his potential to shake up the music scene. Maybe he’s still figuring out the right moment to unveil his talent to the world. But one thing’s for sure: when he’s ready, he’s bound to leave a mark with his undeniable skill and inherited musical genius.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Grandparents

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s family tree tells a story of resilience and strength passed down through generations. His paternal grandparents, Sharon Benjamin and Lawrence Harvey, were pillars of determination. Sharon, a single mother, hustled in the real estate world, while Lawrence worked as a collection agent. Their passing, just a year apart, left a void in Seven’s life, but their legacy lives on.

On his maternal side, the tale takes a more complex turn. William Wright Jr., Seven’s grandfather, had a troubled past, spending much of his life behind bars. He disappeared entirely in 1975, only to resurface two decades later, leaving a mark of mystery on the family’s history. Kolleen Maria Gipson-Wright, Seven’s grandmother, held the family together with her strength and resilience. Despite the challenges, she raised her children almost single-handedly, her spirit shining bright on the local theater stage.

Through the highs and lows, Seven’s family history weaves a tapestry of perseverance and fortitude, shaping the person he is today.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Parents

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s folks, André Lauren Benjamin and Erica Abi Wright, have a story that peruses like a cutting edge romance book. They ran into each other in the energetic air of a dance club, harking back to the ’90s, where sparkles flew and associations were made. Their relationship bloomed, yet the street they strolled together separated before marriage became possibly the most important factor. By 1999, they headed out in different directions, their romantic tale taking various turns.

André Lauren Benjamin, or as the world knows him, André 3000, is a multi-layered craftsman. He’s not only a rapper; he’s an imaginative amazing powerhouse — vocalist, lyricist, maker, artist, entertainer — the rundown goes on. Close by his accomplice Enormous Boi, he framed the notable hip-jump pair OutKast, making a permanent imprint on the music scene.

Their romantic tale might have taken unforeseen exciting bends in the road, however the tradition of André and Erica lives on through their child, Seven Sirius Benjamin.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Siblings

Seven Sirius Benjamin has two half-siblings who share the same mother, Erica Abi Wright. Their names are Puma and Mars. Despite not sharing the same father, they’re still bound by the strong family ties and love that their mother instills in them.

Puma Sabti Curry

Puma Sabti Curry arrived in Dallas, Texas, on a sweltering July day in 2004 and brought with her a wealth of musical experience. Her father is none other than Tracy Lynn Curry, also known as The DOC, a well-known American rapper. It is not surprising that Puma has inherited her parents’ skill given the strong musical genes that run in her family. Puma, however, is not limited to music; she has also dabbled in modeling, appearing in Vogue Mexico alongside her mother, Badu.

Speaking of Badu, she’s not only a social media sensation but a musical icon as well, particularly on Instagram. Badu has gained a sizable fan base by posting engaging photos and glimpses into her life, which allow followers to see inside her world.

Mars Merkaba Thedford

In any case, dissimilar to her mother, Mars stays under the radar and isn’t one for the spotlight of online entertainment. She likes to allow her activities to express stronger than words, making an imprint on the world in her own peaceful manner.

Personal life 

Seven Sirius Benjamin is a young man, but he hides a lot about his personal life. But there is one thing that is certain: he has an unshakable tie with his parents and siblings. Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu parted ways when Seven was still a little child, but they have continued to have a close friendship and cooperative parenting style. Seven enjoys spending time with his sister and dad, and you may frequently see him doing so.

In any case, dissimilar to her mother, Mars stays under the radar and isn’t one for the spotlight of online entertainment. She likes to allow her activities to express stronger than words, making an imprint on the world in her own peaceful manner.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Net Worth 

While Seven Sirius Benjamin’s future desires stay a secret, there’s no keeping that being the kid from getting popular performers accompanies its advantages. In spite of his propensity for protection, it’s most likely correct he has an agreeable existence, because of his rich guardians.

Despite the fact that Seven stays under the radar on the web, he focuses on his prosperity and leads a solid way of life. While he hasn’t let the cat out of the bag about his profession plans, bits of gossip whirl about his amazing total assets. A few evaluations recommend it very well may be more than $250,000, a significant total for somebody who’s as yet an understudy. This abundance is to a great extent credited to the legacy he got from his folks, who themselves brag a consolidated total assets of around $45 million. That is a robust total, making them probably the most rich craftsmen in the business.

While the specific figures might be speculative, there’s no rejecting that Seven Sirius Benjamin is gotten in a good position, because of the monetary pad given by his well known guardians.


  • Birth and Family Foundation: Seven Sirius Benjamin was brought into the world on November 18, 1997, in Dallas, Texas, USA. His folks are Erica Abi Wright, known as Erykah Badu, and André Lauren Benjamin, broadly known as André 3000. He has two half-kin, Jaguar Sabti Curry and Mars Merkaba Thedford, from his mom’s side.
  • Education: Seven at first wanted to study brain research, human expression, and science however later chose to study Brain science and Herbal science at the College of Colorado-Stone. His schooling process was firmly coordinated by his mom, who stressed self-teaching and association in his scholarly decisions.
  • Interests and Gifts: Notwithstanding experiencing childhood in a group of melodic symbols, Seven has an energy for herbal science and has shown ability in rap, an expertise uncovered by his dad, André 3000, during a radio appearance. He esteems protection and likes to have a peaceful existence away from the spotlight.
  • Parental Choice: Seven’s folks, André and Erykah, at first felt somewhat skeptical about having a kid because of the requests of their professions at the end of the day decided to embrace life as a parent, exploring the difficulties of raising him while chasing after their melodic undertakings.
  • Total assets: While Seven’s precise total assets stays speculative, he is expected to lead an agreeable way of life because of his well off guardians. Gauges recommend a total assets surpassing $250,000, to a great extent credited to the legacy from his folks, whose consolidated total assets is roughly $45 million.


Seven Sirius Benjamin, naturally introduced to a group of melodic eminence, has cut his own way notwithstanding experiencing childhood in the shadow of his well known guardians. He sought after training with an emphasis on brain research and natural science, exhibiting a different scope of interests. Regardless of his folks’ underlying vulnerabilities about being a parent, Seven’s childhood was portrayed by an affectionate family bond. He esteems security yet has gifts in rap, alluding to likely future undertakings in the music business. While specifics about his own life stay undisclosed, Seven participates in a pleasant lifestyle as a result of the financial legacy from his renowned watchmen.


What is Seven Sirius Benjamin’s birthdate?

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on November 18, 1997.

Who are Seven Sirius Benjamin’s parents?

Seven’s parents are Erica Abi Wright (Erykah Badu) and André Lauren Benjamin (André 3000).

What are Seven Sirius Benjamin’s siblings’ names?

Seven has two half-kin from his mom’s side: Panther Sabti Curry and Mars Merkaba Thedford.

What did Seven Sirius Benjamin study in college?

Initially planning to major in psychology, the arts, and science, Seven later opted for Psychology and Botany at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

What is Seven Sirius Benjamin’s total assets?

While definite figures are not unveiled, it is assessed that Seven partakes in a total assets surpassing $250,000, to a great extent because of the monetary heritage from his rich guardians.

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