Sara Matter: Bio, Early Life, Age, Career, Personal Life & Many 

Sara Matter: Bio, Early Life, Age, Career, Personal Life & Many 

Sara Bradley, known as Sara Matter, is the wife of Canadian-American actor Niall Matter and has achieved much in her own right. Niall became famous for his role in “The Best Years” and Zack Snyder’s films like “Watchmen” and “Remedy,” but Sara’s contributions extended beyond their marriage. Sara finds fulfillment in being a loving wife and mother to their two children, emphasizing family life and parenthood with Niall. Joy, satisfaction, and a mutual dedication to family life characterize their relationship.

Who Is Sara Matter?

Sara, the wife of actor Niall Matter, is a loving wife and successful businesswoman. Her film roles have made her famous worldwide. She keeps her details confidential under the name Sarah Bradley Matter. Married in 2016, her 40-year-old spouse is an entertainment legend. As a power couple, they navigate showbiz and entrepreneurship.

Sara Matter Biography

She is a Canadian known as a “Canuck,” is dedicated to protecting her family’s privacy, including her parents and siblings. Sara passionately claims White ethnicity and Canadian heritage. Her 40-year-old Edmonton-born husband, Niall, has Russian and Irish origins. After eight years on Northern Alberta oil rigs, Niall decided to become an actor. Niall was first hesitant to pursue the entertainment field, but a local teacher encouraged him to take acting classes, discovering his latent potential and propelling him to success.

Sara Matter Quick Infomation: 

Full NameSara Matter
Birth DateMay 5, 1986
Age37 (as of 2024)
SpouseNiall Matter (married in 2016)
Children2 (Kate and Betsy)
Net Worth$3-4 Million
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook
Causes SupportedMental health awareness, suicide prevention
HobbiesSpending time with family and friends, traveling, being outdoors, hockey

Sara Matter’s Early Life

Sara was raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Christian Sara is pleased to be Canadian and a businesswoman. Her Irish and Russian origins create a complex tapestry. Growing up with strong family support helped Sara develop and become who she is today.

Sara Matter Height And Weight

Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight110 lbs or 50 kg
Body Measurements34-24-35
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBrown
Shoe Size8.5 US

At 5 feet 6 inches and 50 kilogramms, Sara Matter oozes elegance. Her piercing black eyes and silky black hair enhance her appealing features. Sara’s bust, waist, and hips are exquisitely proportioned at 34, 24, and 35 inches, respectively. Her lovely skin and exuberant smile brighten each area she enters.


Educational information about Sara Bradley is scarce. Data collection and verification are underway, with updates due soon. She completed her studies, even though there are no details. Sara is also known for her entrepreneurial skills.

Sara Matter Parents And Siblings

Sara was raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She proudly embraces her Irish-Russian background, which supports and enriches her family. Sara’s siblings and parents are still unknown, but efforts are underway to learn more. As details emerge, updates will follow.

Personal Life

Sara and Niall married in Kauai, Hawaii, in 2016. They began their hunt in July. Sara, Niall Matter’s adored wife, married a famous American actor. Niall shared a touching snapshot of the couple’s July 16, 2016 wedding kiss on Facebook.

Sara looked elegant in a sleeveless white gown, proudly showing her arm tattoo, while Niall wore a spotless white shirt. Given Niall’s large fanbase, the couple’s admirers were thrilled to see these precious moments.

Their relationship was first kept secret, although their dating history is unknown. After their wedding, Niall posted a nice photo on Facebook to celebrate their happiness. Every second of their lives together has been enjoyed. 

Sara Matter’s Children

Sara and Niall Matter’s beloved children Kate and Betsy star in their parents’ love tale. Kate, their oldest, was born the year Sara and Niall married, adding to their delight and significance. Betsy, the younger of the two, was born in 2018, adding to their family’s delight.

Niall and Sara Matter, Christians, actively incorporate their faith into family life. They teach their girls Christian ideals and pass on their deep emotional feelings. Kate and Betsy’s upbringing is shaped by the family’s shared faith, which creates a loving, respectful, and spiritual relationship that nicely describes their family.

Sara Matter career

Sara has carefully crafted a career that showcases her talents and passion across many fields. A skilled professional, she captivates audiences with her dedication and hard work. Sara’s wide project portfolio shows her skill and diversity.

Sara has worked with industry leaders and risen to new heights. Every item she does shows her passion for her art and leaves an unforgettable mark. Her work reflects her great commitment to art.

Sara Matter’s Husband

Niall Matter, a talented Canadian-American actor, turned 40 in 2021. He made his acting debut in 2007’s Syfy original film “Loch Ness Terror,” playing bait shop owner Josh Riley alongside Brian Kranse and Don S Davis.

Niall led the drama “The Best Years,” playing an addict barman, after his debut. His talent earned him roles in popular shows like “Watchmen” and “Eureka.”

Niall has starred in Hallmark Channel originals since 2016. He wrote “Stop the Wedding,” “Chokeslam,” “A Snow-Capped Christmas,” “Most Eligible Bachelor,” “Frozen in Love,” “Love at First Dance,” “Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater,” and “Country at Heart,” among others.

Niall worked as an oil rigger in Northern Alberta for eight years before acting. His aptitude was discovered at 13 when a teacher advised him to take theatre classes. This crucial move led to Niall receiving the Provincial Drama Championship Best Actor award in 1999, is launching his great acting career. 

Niall Matter’s Net Worth

Niall Matter is reported to be worth $4 million after starring in many hit films and TV shows. With “The Best Years,” he began his rise to money and fame in 2007. His highest annual pay was $500,000 for starring in “Eureka.”

Sara Matter Hobbies

  • Sara enjoys drawing beautiful paintings to express herself.
  • She and her family enjoy cooking and trying new foods.
  • Inspired by her love of travel, Sara explores new places, sampling different foods and experiencing different cultures.
  • She spends time with her rescue pets, ensuring their well-being and building important relationships.
  • Sara finds relaxation and balance in yoga and hiking to stay healthy and active.
  • Sara finds fulfillment and satisfaction in these different activities, which allow her to express creativity, explore new horizons, and prioritize her own and her family’s well-being.

Tattoo Lover

Sara loves tattoos and has them on her hands and arms to express her flair. She wears a unique and profound portrait of God on her right hand. She has many tattoos on her arms, which are noticeable. Sara’s intriguing tattoos on her wrists and arms reveal her personality.

Sara Matter Legacy and Impact

Due to her incredible journey and achievements, Sara’s legacy lives on. She inspires others by showing that ambitions can be achieved with hard work. Sara’s legacy is her ability to inspire goal-setting and aspiration. Her tale inspires and strengthens many women. Sara’s legacy grows as she empowers people through her platform. Her story inspires and leaves a lasting impression. 

Favorite Things

FoodCanadian Food
ActorNiall Matter
ColorPink, White, Black

Sara Matter Social Media Account

Sara doesn’t have any visible social media accounts, unlike her famous spouse. While Niall Matter has over 110k Instagram followers, Sara focuses on her family, avoiding the public eye and media criticism. Sara emphasizes seclusion under the glare of celebrity life, preferring a more private life.

Sara Matter Net Worth and Income Sources 

YearNet worth
2020$2 Million
2021$2.5 Million
2022$3 Million
2023$3-4 Million
2024Update soon

Sara Matter’s estimated net worth is $3–4 million. Despite being a businesswoman and entrepreneur, her financial sources are unknown. Sara actively runs her businesses while keeping her finances private. Her spouse, Niall Matter, helps her live comfortably. The pair looks to have a pleasant partnership beyond their professional careers, boosting their financial well-being. 

FAQs about Sara Matter:

Sara Matter—who?

Sara Bradley (Sara Matter) is a successful Canadian businesswoman and wife of Canadian-American actor Niall Matter.

when she was born?

Born May 5, 1986, Sara Matter is 36 in 2023.

From whence is Sara Matter?

Sara Matter is a “Canuck,” a term for a Canadian.

What does Sara Matter do?

Sara Matter, a successful businesswoman, is famous for her acting appearances.

To whom is Sara Matter married?

Since 2016, Sara Matter has been happily married to Canadian-American actor Niall Matter.

How many kids does Sara Matter have?

Parents Sara and Niall Matter are proud of their daughters Kate and Betsy.

Sara Matter’s net worth?

Sara Matter is expected to be worth $3–4 million in 2024.

Is Sara Matter on social media?

Sara prioritizes her family over social networking, unlike her husband, Niall Matter. 


Sara Matter’s life is a riveting tale of corporate success, family delight, and passionate ambition. She is an inspiration as a successful businesswoman, a loving wife, and a caring mother. Together with her husband, Niall Matter, they manage life with joy, unwavering dedication, and a shared religion that shapes their family values. Sara’s legacy shows her dedication to using her platform to inspire and empower others, proving that goals are possible with hard work.

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