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Mary Marquardt, although largely removed from the public eye, is recognized primarily for her early support of actor Harrison Ford during the nascent phase of his career, as well as being his first wife. Following their highly publicized separation, Mary opted for a low-profile lifestyle, concentrating on her roles as both a mother to their two sons and a professional in her culinary and artistic endeavors.

Despite the continuous media attention surrounding Ford’s subsequent relationships, Mary chose not to comment, exemplifying dignity and restraint. She navigated her post-divorce life, overcoming personal health struggles and professional challenges, and managed to carve out a successful path for herself marked by resilience and poise.

Who is Mary Marquardt? 

Mary Marquardt is a skilled chef, widely recognized as the former spouse of actor Harrison Ford. The couple shared two children throughout their union. Mary, 78 years of age, was brought into the world in the US in 1945. As well as being Caucasian, she is an American public.

Wiki / Profile Summary:

Full NameMary Marquardt
Date of Birth1945
Age78 years old
Place of BirthUnited States
Ethnic BackgroundCaucasian
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight128 pounds
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Relationship StatusDivorced
No. of ChildrenTwo (Benjamin Ford and Willard Ford)
SpouseHarrison Ford (Ex-husband)
Educational BackgroundBachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts, Ripon College, Wisconsin
Net Worth$5  million

Early life & Family Background

In 1945, Mary Marquardt was brought into the world in the US. Details about her early life and family background remain sparse. She grew up in a typical American neighborhood before attending Wisconsin’s Ripon institution, a women’s institution, to further her studies in the 1960s.

During her college years, Mary delved into art and illustration, simultaneously cultivating a passion for cooking and the culinary arts. Her life at college was typical, centered around honing her skills, until she crossed paths with Harrison Ford in one of her classes.

At that time, Mary could not have envisioned that her acquaintance with Ford would evolve into marriage with a man destined to become a major Hollywood icon. In those early days, Ford was still striving to make his mark in the acting world.

Marriage and Relationship with Harrison Ford 

Harrison Ford and Mary Marquardt first crossed paths at Ripon College in the early 1960s. The two had been courting for some years before their friendship turned into a passionate love affair and marriage in 1964.

In the early years of his acting career, Harrison married Mary for the first time when she was twenty years old. While Ford pursued tiny playing opportunities in movies and television, Mary worked part-time to maintain the family’s budget and supported her husband’s acting ambitions. The young couple adapted into their new life together.

Their lives took the usual course for any newlyweds in the 1960s. Their first son, Benjamin, was born in 1966, and three years later, in 1969, came their second son, Willard.

Ford’s career also started to take off as his family grew, particularly following his breakthrough performance in “American Graffiti” in 1973, which resulted in more expectations from the workplace. Their marriage started to suffer as a result of Mary’s sudden celebrity since she had to balance motherhood’s obligations with that of being married to a rising movie star.

Ford’s ascent to fame escalated with his iconic role as Han Solo in the “Star Wars” series, amplifying the pressures on their relationship. As Ford became a prominent figure in Hollywood, Mary navigated the complexities of maintaining a family amidst the increasing public and media attention.

Separation from Harrison Ford

Even though Mary was a major supporter in the beginning, Harrison Ford’s rising stardom and its overpowering expectations eventually strained their relationship. The marriage had reached a breaking point by the late 1970s due to Ford’s rigorous shooting schedule for big-budget movies like “Star Wars” and “Apocalypse Now,” as well as circulating suspicions about his extramarital romance with co-star Carrie Fisher.

Their marriage deteriorated as a result of Mary’s continual stress from the media and extended periods of separation. In the end, the couple made the decision to obtain a divorce, and after spending 15 years together, they separated.

Post-separate, Mary confronted the difficulties of single parenthood, assuming a sense of ownership with bringing up their young children, Benjamin and Willard, who were moving toward their teen years. Despite the sensationalized media coverage of their split, Mary and Harrison maintained a civil relationship, focusing on effectively co-parenting their sons. The children spent time with both parents, ensuring a stable adjustment to the new family dynamics. This cooperative approach helped minimize the impact of the divorce on their children’s lives.

Life after divorce:

Following his divorce from Mary Marquardt in 1979, Harrison Ford’s personal life continued to make news as he got into relationships with well-known personalities such actresses Melissa Mathison and Veronica Cartwright. He ultimately tied the knot with author Melissa Mathison in 1983. Malcolm and Georgia were the couple’s two children; nevertheless, their marriage terminated in divorce in 2001.

Ford later married actress Calista Flockhart in 2010, and they have enjoyed a lasting relationship since then. Through his two divorces and various relationships post-Mary, Ford has consistently praised her as an outstanding mother to their sons. Despite the constant media attention, he has expressed gratitude for Mary’s dignity and grace.

With regard to her ex-husband’s following public romances and his continued success as a top Hollywood actor well into his 80s, Mary Marquardt has remained out of the public eye. She has made a name for herself, avoiding the media hysteria around her well-known ex-husband, and preserving her independence and solitude.

Involvement in Career:

Mary Marquardt returned her attention to her hobbies and personal professional goals after her widely publicized divorce, which had taken a backseat during her marriage. In order to perfect her talents in cooking and painting, two things she had always been enthusiastic about, she chose to continue her studies in the 1980s and went back to college.

This new chapter enabled Mary to thrive professionally as a chef, leveraging her innate culinary talent to carve out a successful career. She also explored her artistic side, becoming an illustrator where she could merge her love for food with her artistic sensibilities.

Over the following years, Mary established a rewarding career within these creative domains. She also ventured into the restaurant business, working alongside her son, Benjamin Ford, who had followed in her culinary footsteps. Together, they collaborated at his restaurant, Cafe FX, until Mary retired from professional cooking in the early 2000s. Now in her late 70s, she enjoys a quieter life, focusing on family time, especially with her grandchildren.

Mary has consistently kept a respectful distance from the ongoing media fascination with her ex-husband Harrison Ford’s romantic life and celebrity status. She maintains a close relationship with their sons, Benjamin and Willard, both of whom prefer to keep a low profile, similar to their mother. Benjamin’s engagement in the restaurant industry continues to highlight the lasting impact of Mary’s illustrious career in the culinary world.

Mary Marquardt Retirement

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Net Worth:

Starting around 2024, Mary Marquardt’s assessed total assets is $5 million, a large portion of which she amassed following her significant separation settlement from Harrison Portage in the last part of the 1970s. Big names have been among Mary’s clients since she turned into a notable cook in Los Angeles and acquired reputation for her culinary abilities. She is a skilled culinary specialist as well as a painter, known for her energetic, conceptual materials. Her distinct artistic talents have been featured in several shows, which has improved her financial situation and added to her long list of achievements.

Multiple Sclerosis Battle

Early in the new millennium, Mary Marquardt was identified as having multiple sclerosis, a condition affecting her central nervous system. False reports of her passing began to circulate in 2018, but with her boys’ support, she is able to live a strong life. Her eldest son, Benjamin Ford, has been particularly instrumental in providing care. Although her health condition has limited her ability to cook, Mary takes great comfort in seeing Benjamin carry on her culinary legacy. Despite facing these health challenges, Mary remains largely disengaged from social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Mary Marquardt’s Sons:

In 1966, Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford celebrated the birth of their first son, Benjamin, and in 1969, they welcomed their second son, Willard. Despite her subsequent divorce from Harrison Ford, Mary maintained strong bonds with both of her sons.

Benjamin Ford followed his mother into the culinary world, establishing himself as a chef, continuing the family’s passion for cooking. Willard Ford, on the other hand, took a different direction by diving into the fashion and fitness industries. He owns the Strong Sports Gym in Los Angeles and Ludwig Clothing Company, and he also holds a co-ownership position in Ford & Ching, broadening his entrepreneurial ventures.

Social media activeness:

Searching for Mary Marquardt on social media yields limited results, which isn’t surprising considering she belongs to a generation that predates the digital age. However, Mary maintains a modest presence on Instagram, where she is followed by just 29 people.

In contrast, her son Benjamin is much more engaged online. His Instagram account has very nearly 17,000 devotees, and he frequently posts refreshes on his work as a cook.


Mary Marquardt played a pivotal role as Harrison Ford’s first wife and the mother to his two older sons, providing crucial support during the early and uncertain days of Ford’s acting career. This foundation allowed him to pursue his acting ambitions fully.

As Ford’s career took off, however, the pressures it brought strained their marriage. After their divorce, Mary demonstrated remarkable resilience, balancing her role as a single mother with carving out her own professional path.

Despite challenges such as coping with the scrutiny associated with being married to a burgeoning celebrity and later confronting her own health battles with Multiple Sclerosis, Mary successfully carved out a life defined on her own terms. She established a personal and professional identity that extended beyond being known merely as Harrison Ford’s ex-wife.

Mary has remained calm and concentrated on her family, her hobbies, and protecting her privacy even after their public divorce garnered media attention years ago. Her life is a living example of the strength of resiliency and the capacity to deal with the challenges of life with dignity and resolve.

Facts about Mary Marquardt:

Full Name: Mary Marquardt

Date of Birth: 1945

Age: 78 years old (as of 2024)

Place of Birth: United States

Nationality: American

Ethnic Background: Caucasian

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Weight: 128 pounds

Religion: Christianity

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Relationship Status: Divorced

No. of Children: Two sons, Benjamin Ford and Willard Ford

Spouse: Ex-husband Harrison Ford

Profession: Chef

Educational Background: Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Ripon College, Wisconsin

Net Worth: Estimated at $5 million as of 2024

Health: Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the early 2000s

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: How did Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford meet?

A1: Mary Marquardt and Harrison Ford met while attending Ripon College in Wisconsin during the 1960s.

Q2: What is Mary Marquardt known for?

A2: Mary Marquardt is known as the first wife of Harrison Ford, a supportive partner during the early days of his career, and a professional chef.

Q3: How many children does Mary Marquardt have?

A3: Mary has two children, both sons named Benjamin and Willard Ford.

Q4: What are Mary Marquardt’s professional achievements?

A4: Mary is a professional chef who has had a successful culinary career and has also ventured into painting and illustrating.

Q5: How has Mary Marquardt coped with her health issues?

A5: Mary Marquardt has been living with multiple sclerosis since the early 2000s, supported by her sons, particularly Benjamin, who helps care for her.

Q6: Is Mary Marquardt active on social media?

A6: Mary Marquardt maintains a low profile, including on social media, with a modest presence on platforms like Instagram.

Q7: What impact did Mary Marquardt have on Harrison Ford’s career?

A7: Mary provided significant support to Harrison Ford during the early and uncertain days of his career, allowing him to focus on his acting pursuits.


Mary Marquardt is a talented gourmet specialist and previous mate of entertainer Harrison Portage. Brought into the world in 1945 in the US, she assumed a vital part in supporting Portage during the beginning phases of his acting vocation. The couple wedded in 1964 and had two children, Benjamin and Willard. Regardless of their separation in 1979, she kept areas of strength for a nurturing relationship with Portage. Post-separate, Mary zeroed in on her culinary vocation and sought after her advantage in craftsmanship and painting, laying out a fruitful profession as a gourmet specialist. She has confronted individual wellbeing challenges, incorporating a fight with different sclerosis. Mary has an existence away from the media spotlight, focusing on family and her expert advantages.

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