Kevin Dale Woods: Biography, Family, Age, Height, Career, Personal Life & Many

Kevin Dale Woods Biography, Family, Age, Height, Career, Personal Life & Many

Tiger Woods’ half-brother Kevin Dale Woods is connected to her through Earl Sr.’s first marriage to Barbara Gary. Kevin, the Woods family’s middle child, was born in 1957 and resides in beautiful San Jose.

Kevin needed a wheelchair after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009. MS affects the brain and spinal cord, reducing muscular movement and coordination.

Poor health hasn’t stopped Kevin Dale Woods from overcoming life. As of 2024, his financial fortune reaches $700,000, complicating his Woods family history.

Who is Kevin Dale Woods?

Earl Sr. and Barbara’s 1957-born middle child is Kevin Woods. Kevin’s life focuses around golf being Tiger Woods’ half-brother. Kevin, from San Jose, California, has MS since 2009.

Kevin is Tiger Woods’ sibling but lives alone. His brother’s World Golf Hall of Fame induction made him famous. Due to his low-key lifestyle, Kevin Dale Woods’s personal information is scarce online.

Earl Johnston and Barbara Gary married in Abilene, Kansas, on May 18, 1954, and had three children: Earl Dennison Jr. in 1955, Kevin Dale in 1957, and Royce Renee in 1961. Earl Jr. and Royce became professional golfers, but Kevin, a recluse, is unknown. He’s more private because his brother Tiger Woods is famous.

Kevin Dale Woods’s Biography

Kevin Dale Woods’ brother Tiger Woods is Eldrick Tont Woods. Golf legend Tiger Woods has set many records. Top PGA Tour winner and second in men’s majors. Tiger Woods, a sports legend, belongs in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Tiger Woods turned pro at 20 in 1996 following a successful junior, collegiate, and amateur career. He won his first major at the 1997 Masters with a 12-shot lead following three PGA Tour wins by April 1997. Tiger Woods’ early success launched a career that transformed golf.

Quick Facts About Kevin Dale Woods:

NameKevin Dale Woods
Real NameKevin Dale Woods
Date Of Birth1957
Age65 Years
Place Of BirthSan Jose, California.
ParentsEarl Sr. and Barbara.
SiblingsRoyce Renee Woods, Earl Woods Jr., Tiger Woods.
Marital StatusMarried

Kevin Dale Woods Height & Weight

He height and weight are unknown due to his anonymity. Despite requests, private measurements remain secret. With accurate height and weight information, Kevin Dale Woods’s physical qualities will be better understood.

Kevin Dale Woods Age

Born 1957, Kevin Dale Woods will be 66 in 2023.

Family Background

The Woods family history is intertwined with his story. Born to Earl Sr. and Barbara, his narrative is one of love and transformation. Family life changed in 1968 when Earl Sr. and Barbara divorced in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

As Earl Sr. started a new chapter, love returned. While serving in Thailand, Earl Sr. met is Kultida Punsawad, whom he married in 1969. This combination created a new family dynamic, ultimately producing Tiger Woods in 1975. This second chapter in Earl Sr.’s life produced Tiger, a golfing icon, and Kevin Dale, a family member. 

Kevin Dale Woods Career

Professional golfer Kevin Dale Woods left his mark on the lush golfing world. He carried his personal objectives and his father’s coaching history as he effortlessly walked the lush greens. Among the sounds of well-struck golf swings, Kevin’s early golfing career, inspired by his father’s expertise, and Tiger Woods’ historic journey are brought to mind.

Kevin carefully refined his skills under Earl Sr.’s cautious instruction, forming a familial bond with Tiger, who was exposed to golf at a young age. This shared love of golf, a father-son inheritance, ingeniously knits their fates on the lush greens, creating a family legacy. 

Personal Life

Kevin Dale Woods, the middle child of the Woods family, lives in San Jose, California, with Tiger Woods and their history. A 2009 diagnosis of multiple sclerosis changed Kevin’s life in the calm away from the flashy golf courses.

Kevin’s condition changed his life, forcing him to use a wheelchair. As we explore his life, we discover the complex bonds that link him to his family and the severe obstacles that shaped his story.

Kevin Dale Woods Ethnicity

Kevin Dale Woods is American. Although his ethnic background is not stated, “American Ethnicity” often refers to people who identify with the numerous ethnic groups in the US. In this perspective, ethnicity may encompass a variety of cultural, ancestral, and geographical affiliations that enrich American identity.

What is Kevin Dale Wood Relation with Tiger Wood?

Tiger Woods’ half-brother is Kevin Dale Woods. Although they share an Earl Woods father, the brothers have different moms. Kevin, a Navy veteran, coaches and consults golfers and directs the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Kevin Dale Woods and Tiger Woods’ relationship as half-brothers is kept hidden. Despite their occasional public appearances, Kevin’s low profile, especially on social media, where he has no active profiles, conceals their relationship. He reportedly gets along with his brother Tiger Woods.

Public Perception

Kevin Dale Woods’ family ties to Tiger Woods and his struggles have impacted his public persona. Tiger’s success inevitably shines on Kevin, his sibling.

Kevin’s health challenges, particularly his multiple sclerosis, shape public opinion. His bravery in the face of these challenges highlights his deep family bonds and his tenacity in wheelchair life.

Kevin’s unique role in the Woods family saga is recognized, even if his popularity is lower than Tiger’s. His story emphasizes courage, family, and the perseverance needed to overcome life’s challenges. Kevin Dale Woods is known for his resilience and family loyalty as well as his sporting career.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Net Worth

In 2024, Kevin Dale Woods’ net worth is estimated at $700,000. His half-brother Tiger Woods has a $1.1 billion net worth, far more than his.

Tiger is a world-class golfer, but his fortune comes from other sources. Instead, Tiger used Nike, Gatorade, Rolex, and Monster Energy endorsements to make millions. His financial empire includes houses, businesses, and smart investments beyond sports. Tiger Woods’ financial success is a testament to his business ability and many ventures beyond golf.

Kevin Dale Woods’ Instagram and Social Media

To maintain a private lifestyle, Kevin Dale Woods avoids social media, including Instagram. In his media interactions, he avoids providing personal details to maintain a low profile. Kevin maintains a low profile in public and avoids the media.

Kevin Dale Woods FAQs:

What is Kevin Dale Woods’ birthday?

Kevin Dale Woods was born in 1957 in San Jose, California.

Who are Kevin Dale Woods’ siblings?

Tiger, Royce Renee, and Earl Woods Jr. are Kevin’s siblings.

The estimated net worth of Kevin Dale Woods is?

Kevin Dale Woods is valued at over $700,000 in 2024.

Does Kevin Dale Woods use social media?

Kevin Dale Woods doesn’t use Instagram because he cherishes his privacy. He lives a solitary life off social media.


Kevin Dale Woods, Tiger Woods’ half-brother, has left a legacy. His golf career, health issues, and private lifestyle construct a unique story with Tiger Woods’ successes. Kevin’s story shows bravery, family unity, and persistence despite health issues and hiding from the public. He symbolizes togetherness and tenacity in the public eye, illuminating the lesser-known his aspects of a sports star’s life.

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