Justin Chien Height: Early Life, Age, Career, Personal Life & Many

Justin Chien Height: Early Life, Age, Career, Personal Life & Many

Justin Chien, a prominent Chinese-American actor, producer, and writer, has garnered significant attention for his portrayal of Charles Sun in the latest Netflix series, “The Brothers Sun,” which debuted on January 4, 2024. Chien’s talent has earned him recognition in the industry, including nominations for the Golden Angel Award for Best Short Film at the 2018 Chinese American Film Festival and for Best Short Film at the 2020 HBO APA Visionaries.

Justin Chien Height’s:

Justin Chien height boasts an impressive stature, standing at approximately 5 feet 11 inches, projecting a commanding and authoritative presence wherever he goes.

Who is Justin Chien?

Raised in Los Angeles after being born in Beijing, Justin Chien comes from a family with a rich background in public service and finance. His grandfather, a former Taiwanese US Representative, set high expectations for Chien, who is determined to succeed in the entertainment industry through his natural acting talent. Influenced by his father, Carl Chien, who holds a prominent position as JP Morgan’s Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific, Justin learned the value of hard work early on. Prior to his breakthrough in “The Brothers Sun,” Justin honed his acting skills in various productions like “Continuum,” “Fine China,” and “Endless Yesterdays,” refining his craft and preparing for his desired roles.


Justin Chien, a Los Angeles native with roots tracing back to Beijing, inherits his passion for acting from a prestigious family background. Raised under the influence of his grandfather, a former Taiwanese US Representative, Chien is driven by high standards and a natural talent for performance.

His father, Carl Chien, holds a prominent role as JP Morgan’s Vice Chairman of Asia Pacific, instilling in Justin the importance of diligence and hard work.

Before gaining recognition for his role in “The Brothers Sun,” Justin honed his craft in various productions like “Continuum,” “Fine China,” and “Endless Yesterdays.” These experiences not only polished his acting skills but also prepared him for the roles he aspired to portray.

Profile Summary:

NameJustin Chien
Age27 years old
Birth Date1997
Birth PlaceTaiwan, Republic of China
Marital StatusUnmarried
Girlfriend NameNA
Father NameCarl Chien
Mother NameVirginia Hu
Net Worth$1 million

Justin Chien’s Early Life:

Justin Chien, born in Taiwan in 1997 and now 26 years old as of 2024, relocated with his family to Los Angeles, California during his childhood years. His father, Carl Chien, serves as the CEO of JPMorgan Taiwan, showcasing the family’s aptitude for business. Virginia Hu, his mother, shares in the family’s entrepreneurial spirit as a businesswoman. Justin’s grandfather, retired Taiwanese diplomat and politician Fredrick Chien, highlights the family’s diplomatic connections, while his great-grandfather, S.L. Chien, established two prominent research facilities in Taiwan. Justin, who comes from a family of four siblings including Darren, Christen, and Fred, developed a passion for performing at a young age and began appearing in advertisements during his childhood.

Justin Chien Age: 

Justin Chien, born in Taiwan in 1998 and turning 26 in 2024, is a Taiwanese-American actor, producer, and writer recognized for his contributions to notable films such as “Two Sides: Unfaithful” (2021) and “The Brothers Sun” (2024). Despite his Wikipedia page currently being inactive, Chien has garnered attention for his versatile talents in producing, directing, and acting within the entertainment industry.

Justin Chien Education:

Justin’s journey into the world of entertainment began during his childhood, where his early passion for performing led to appearances in numerous advertisements. As he matured, he honed his talents in drama and theater while attending a high school in Los Angeles. Continuing his pursuit of excellence, Justin furthered his education at the University of Southern California, where he obtained a degree in cinema and television production. Additionally, he supplemented his academic endeavors with courses at renowned institutions such as the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and the Groundlings School, enriching his acting abilities along the way.

Body Measurement:

Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 Feet 11 Inches(Approx)
Weight78 kg(Approx)

John’s captivating presence is accentuated by his deep, intense black eyes that perfectly match his sleek black hair. Standing tall at a remarkable height of about 5 feet 11 inches, he exudes strength and authority wherever he goes. Weighing approximately 78 kilograms, John boasts a robust and well-defined physique, a testament to his dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying physically fit. In any environment, John’s remarkable appearance and commanding stature contribute to his undeniable charisma and aura.

Justin Chien Family:

Justin Chien hails from a family deeply rooted in both financial acumen and diplomatic history. His father, Carl Chien, serves as the head of JPMorgan Taiwan, showcasing their financial prowess, while his mother, Virginia Hu, also boasts a successful career as a businesswoman. Raised alongside his siblings Darren, Christen, and Fred, Justin enjoys a diverse family dynamic.

The Chien family’s legacy extends beyond their household, spanning generations of notable achievements. Justin’s grandfather, Fredrick Chien, is a renowned diplomat and politician in Taiwan, contributing significantly to the family’s diplomatic history. Moreover, Justin’s great-grandfather, S.L. Chien, played a pivotal role in founding Taiwanese research facilities, fostering knowledge and innovation.

With this rich blend of commercial expertise and diplomatic heritage, Justin, now 27 in 2024, embarks on an entertainment career, aiming to build upon his family’s illustrious legacy.

Justin Chien Career:

Throughout his life, Justin Chien has explored various career paths, demonstrating versatility and ambition in his professional endeavors. Notably, he has delved into the following professions:


Justin Chien began his acting journey in 2015 with “Minolta,” portraying Justin. He expanded his portfolio in 2016 with roles in “Cyclists” as Danny and “Consent or (The Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation)” as John. In 2017, he starred as Kai in “Reverallium,” establishing his presence in short films.


Justin Chien expanded his involvement in the film industry beyond acting by venturing into production roles. In 2018, he served as an executive producer for the short film “Continuum,” demonstrating his ability to oversee projects at a high level. Building on this experience, Justin took on the role of producer for “Fine China” in 2020, showcasing his knack for managing various aspects of film production.


In addition to his roles as an actor and producer, Justin Chien has demonstrated his versatility by contributing as a writer to the film industry. In 2017, he showcased his storytelling skills by penning the script for the short film “Reverallium,” offering audiences a glimpse into his creative vision. Building on this foundation, Justin continued to hone his writing abilities and lent his talents to the screenplay of “Continuum” in 2018.

Casting Director:

In 2018, Justin Chien expanded his creative endeavors by taking on the role of co-director for the short film “Continuum.” This opportunity allowed him to showcase his directorial skills and contribute to shaping the artistic vision of the project. Additionally, in 2020, Justin served as a casting director for the short film “The Skimmer,” where he played a pivotal role in selecting and assembling the cast members for the production.

Justin Chien’s Personal Life: 

Despite the likelihood of Justin Chien receiving numerous admirers’ direct messages, particularly after his captivating shirtless scenes in “The Brothers Sun,” he remains happily single. In a recent interview, he expressed, “At the moment, my sole focus is on honing my craft and striving to excel as an actor. Romance can take a back seat for now.” With his impressive 6-foot stature and charismatic charm, it’s undeniable that Chien will attract a plethora of romantic interests when he eventually chooses to explore romantic relationships.

Currently, he finds fulfillment in nurturing his tight-knit circle of family and friends, providing a sense of stability amidst his rising fame. While Justin acknowledges the potential challenges that come with celebrity status, his unwavering support system and strong roots help keep him grounded. As he continues to soar in his career, the possibility of romance looms on the horizon, patiently awaiting its rightful place in Justin Chien’s life.

Justin Chien’s USC Lessons for Success:

Prior to his appearance on Netflix’s “The Brothers Sun,” Justin Chien honed his acting skills at the University of Southern California (USC). As a Chinese-American actor, Chien was granted a scholarship to USC’s School of Dramatic Arts, where he made significant strides in his career. Chien revealed in an interview with TaiwanPlus that he was enrolled in USC’s demanding Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program, which involved semester-long theatrical productions.

One notable highlight of his training was his six-hour performance in ‘The Kentucky Cycle,’ which provided invaluable experience and career preparation. Additionally, his involvement in a production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ featuring a unique three-headed Oberon, played a pivotal role in attracting the attention of his management team.

Justin Chien Brothers: 

Justin Chien’s journey to landing the lead role in “The Brothers Sun” was marked by determination and anticipation. Upon securing the coveted part, Justin’s emotional response underscored the significance of this career milestone. Critics and fans alike have praised his portrayal of Jin Sun, noting his ability to infuse the character with depth and empathy. With the show’s premiere generating buzz on social media, Chien’s rising star status in Hollywood seems inevitable. As viewers delve into the complexities of Jin Sun’s character, they’re drawn to Chien’s compelling performance, which captivates with every scene.

Justin Chien Movies & Television Series:

  • In 2015, Minolta as Justin.
  • In 2016, Cyclists as Danny.
  • In 2016, Consent or (the Unexpected Virtue of Affirmation) as John.
  • In 2017, Reverallium as Kai.
  • In 2018, Many Names as John.
  • In 2019, Number 2 as Nurse Smith.
  • In 2020, Summer Soundtrack as Jake.
  • In 2021, Pool Boy as Jake.
  • In 2021, Two Sides: Unfaithful as Mikey.
  • In 2021, The Order as Zhao Wang.
  • In 2021, Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase as Allen.
  • In 2023, Kodama as Justin.
  • In 2023, Sun Moon as Horace.
  • In 2023, The Brothers Sun as Charles Sun.


Justin Chien’s notable achievements include being nominated for the Golden Angel Award for Best Short Film for “Continuum” and for the HBO APA Visionaries for Best Short for “Fine China” in 2020. While he hasn’t won any awards yet, these nominations reflect his talent and potential in the industry. With his promising career trajectory, it’s anticipated that Chien will garner further recognition and accolades in the future.

The Future of Justin Chien:

Justin Chien, propelled into the spotlight by the success of “The Brothers Sun,” is now the subject of fervent speculation among fans and industry insiders alike. Affectionately known as “Chienheads,” enthusiasts eagerly await news of his next project, with rumors swirling about potential roles in major franchises like Marvel’s “Alpha Force.”

Following his riveting performance in the dark film “Absolution,” where he portrayed a haunted priest grappling with his past, Chien’s star continues to rise. Directors are already eyeing him for future psychological thrillers, drawn to his ability to bring depth and complexity to his characters.

Despite his comedic background, Chien remains open to diverse roles that elicit a range of emotions from audiences. As his career ascends to new heights, fueled by the success of “The Brothers Sun,” Justin Chien’s journey in Hollywood shows no signs of slowing down.

Personal Interest:

Favourite Vacation SpotBeaches
Active Years2015 to Present
Last Updated3rd January; 2024

Justin Chien Net Worth:

By 2024, Justin Chien is anticipated to amass a net worth of $1 million, marking the culmination of a prosperous career as an actor, producer, and writer. Beyond Hollywood, his wealth extends through lucrative brand endorsements and modeling gigs, contributing to his opulent lifestyle reflective of his entertainment industry triumphs. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, Chien resides in a lavish home, complemented by his choice of transportation—an upscale BMW. His financial achievements underscore not only his creative prowess but also his astute business acumen, solidifying his status as a successful figure in showbiz.

Social Media Accounts:

IMDBJustin Chien

Facts about Justin Chien:

  • Age and Birth: Born in Taiwan in 1998, Justin Chien will turn 26 in 2024.
  • Career Highlights: Renowned for his roles in films such as “Two Sides: Unfaithful” (2021) and “The Brothers Sun” (2024), Justin Chien is a Taiwanese-American actor, producer, and writer.
  • Family Background: Justin’s father, Carl Chien, serves as the CEO of JPMorgan Taiwan, while his mother, Virginia Hu, is a businesswoman. His grandfather, Fredrick Chien, is a retired Taiwanese diplomat and politician, and his great-grandfather, S.L. Chien, founded Taiwanese research facilities.
  • Education: Justin pursued studies in film and television production at USC after completing his high school education in Los Angeles, where he actively participated in drama and theater activities.
  • Personal Life: Justin Chien remains unmarried and is solely focused on advancing his acting career. He has three siblings: Darren, Christen, and Fred.
  • Net Worth: With an estimated net worth of $1 million, Justin Chien’s financial standing reflects his prosperous journey in the entertainment industry.

FAQs about Justin Chien:

What is Justin Chien’s age?

Justin Chien was born in Taiwan in 1998, making him 26 years old in 2024.

What are Justin Chien’s career highlights?

Justin Chien is recognized for his roles in films such as “Two Sides: Unfaithful” (2021) and “The Brothers Sun” (2024). Additionally, he is involved in the entertainment industry as a producer and writer.

What is Justin Chien’s family background?

Justin’s family background includes his father, Carl Chien, who serves as the CEO of JPMorgan Taiwan, and his mother, Virginia Hu, who is a businesswoman. His grandfather, Fredrick Chien, is a retired Taiwanese diplomat and politician, and his great-grandfather, S.L. Chien, established Taiwanese research facilities.

Where did Justin Chien receive his education?

Justin pursued his education in film and television production at the University of Southern California (USC) following his graduation from high school in Los Angeles. During his time there, he actively participated in drama and theater activities.

What is Justin Chien’s net worth?

Justin Chien’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million, reflecting his prosperous career in the entertainment industry.


Justin Chien emerges as a multifaceted talent within the entertainment realm, showcasing prowess as an actor, producer, and writer. Originally hailing from Taiwan but nurtured in the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles, he brings forth a wealth of cultural heritage and a robust background steeped in both business acumen and diplomatic ties. Through standout performances in various cinematic and televised productions, Justin continually mesmerizes audiences, underscoring his unwavering dedication and passion for his craft. Amidst his professional journey, he maintains strong bonds with his family and close friends, anchoring himself amidst the whirlwind of success. With promising projects on the horizon and a track record of financial prosperity, Justin Chien stands as a luminous star poised for further ascent in the years ahead.

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