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Jim Larranaga’s Wife? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family And More

Jim Larrañaga spouse Liz Larrañaga is a resigned realtor from New York. Larranaga family incorporates two children, Jon and Jay Larranaga. B-ball plays had a critical impact in the existences of the Larrañaga brood. 

Jim, the ongoing mentor of the Miami Storms men’s group, played b-ball during his school days at Provision School and turned into a mentor. Similarly, his two young men followed his athletic interest by riding the coattails. His senior youngster played b-ball in the US and Europe, presently filling in as an associate mentor to Tyronn Lue for the Los Angeles Trimmers. 

In the interim, his more youthful child, Jon, is a previous forward for the George Bricklayer Nationalists. Moreover, Jim has been training ball for north of 40 years and has been a lead trainer at the Division I association for north of 30 years. 

In 2011, Larrañaga was employed as the lead trainer at the College of Miami, where he has been training from that point onward. Jim and Isaiah Wong are set to confront the UConn Huskies drove by Danny Hurley and his misjudged protection. The way to the NCAA Title is intense, yet on the off chance that anybody can make it happen, it’s Jim’s crawling offense.

Summary of Liz Larranaga’s Marriage

Liz and Jim’s romantic tale started with an opportunity experience at a nearby foundation occasion. Their underlying association bloomed into a profound and withstanding bond, based on common regard, shared objectives, and a rugged obligation to each other. Throughout the long term, Liz and Jim’s marriage has been a demonstration of the force of adoration, strength, and the conviction that together, the sky is the limit.

Who is Liz Larranaga?

Liz Larranaga is a resigned New York realtor. She is notable as the spouse of James Joseph Larraaga, a men’s ball mentor at the College of Miami starting around 2011, and a previous school b-ball player.

Liz Larranaga: Bio Summary

Liz Larranaga is the dedicated spouse of incredible ball mentor Jim Larranaga. Her faithful help and understanding have been instrumental in her significant other’s prosperity on the court. In the background, Liz has fabricated a moving unique kind of energy, loaded up with achievements, interests, and a profound obligation to having a constructive outcome.


Brought up in New Jersey, Liz Larranaga experienced childhood in an affectionate family that imparted in her the upsides of difficult work, determination, and the significance of schooling. In the wake of moving on from college with a degree in Business Organization and a minor in Land, she left on a promising vocation in the business, rapidly laying down a good foundation for herself as a rising star.


In her initial proficient undertakings, Liz exhibited a sharp eye for detail, an ability for developing significant connections, and a skill for discussion. Her devotion and mastery in the land world have procured her a standing as a gifted proficient, known for her capacity to explore complex exchanges with artfulness and her steady obligation to her clients’ wellbeing.


As Jim’s training vocation took him from Bowling Green to George Bricklayer and ultimately to the College of Miami, Liz was close by constantly. Together, they brought up two children, imparting in them the upsides of difficult work, strength, and the quest for dreams.

Net worth

While Liz’s total assets isn’t freely revealed, her effective land vocation and her well established union with the profoundly achieved b-ball mentor Jim Larranaga propose that she and her family have gathered impressive abundance throughout the long term. Past her expert achievements and individual life, Liz Larranaga’s actual heritage lies in her obligation to having a beneficial outcome on her general surroundings. From her association in altruistic drives to her mentorship of young ladies and understudy competitors, she is a motivation to all who know her.

Who are Jim Larrañaga’s Parents?

Jim Larrañaga’s folks, Eileen and John Larrañaga played basic jobs in his day to day existence. Jim’s mom, Eileen, hails from the Bronx, New York, where Jim was brought up. While insights regarding their occupations are scant, it is realized that John worked in protection at an administrative level. Their help and childhood contributed essentially to Jim’s excursion in b-ball.


  1. Liz Larranaga is a retired realtor from New York.
  2. She is married to James Joseph Larraaga, the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes men’s basketball team.
  3. Liz and James Larraaga have two children, Jon and Jay Larranaga.
  4. Both of their sons have followed their father’s footsteps in basketball, with one playing in the US and Europe and the other being a former forward for the George Mason Patriots.
  5. Liz has been a supportive presence in her husband’s coaching career, which spans over 40 years, with over 30 years as a head coach at the Division I level.
  6. James Larraaga was hired as the head coach at the University of Miami in 2011.


Liz Larranaga is the supportive wife of renowned basketball coach Jim Larraaga. Her unwavering support and understanding have been crucial to her husband’s success on the basketball court. Behind the scenes, Liz has built a fulfilling life, filled with accomplishments, interests, and a deep commitment to making a positive impact.


Who is Liz Larranaga?
Liz Larranaga is a retired realtor from New York and the wife of James Joseph Larraaga, the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes men’s basketball team.

What is Liz Larranaga known for?
Liz Larranaga is known for being the wife of Jim Larraaga, a successful basketball coach, and for her support of her husband’s career.

How many children does Liz Larranaga have?
Liz Larranaga has two children, Jon and Jay Larranaga, both of whom have pursued careers in basketball.

Where is Liz Larranaga from?
Liz Larranaga’s exact place of birth is unknown, but she is from New York, where she pursued her career as a realtor.

What is Liz Larranaga’s net worth?
Liz Larranaga’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, but her successful career in real estate and her marriage to Jim Larraaga suggest that she has accumulated significant wealth over the years.

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