Esther Choi Age: Bio, Edu, Career, Personal Life, Hobbies, Net Worth & More

Esther Choi Age: Bio, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

Esther Choi Age

33 Years Old

Esther Choi, renowned for her culinary prowess steeped in Korean heritage, is the proprietor of mkbar and mkbar Brooklyn, as well as a partner at Ms. Yoo. Despite her considerable talent, she faced a narrow loss on Iron Chef, relinquishing her Iron Legend title. Now, as the latest season of the show premieres on Netflix, Choi makes a triumphant return as the ultimate Challenger Chef. Tasked by Chairman Mark Dacascos to redefine her trajectory, she unveils five exquisite seafood creations to take on the Iron Chefs. Though her valiant effort earns her a commendable score of 82, Choi’s resolve and passion persist, propelling her continued quest for culinary distinction.

Esther Choi Age

Esther Choi Age, hailing from the dynamic decade of the 1990s, graces our culinary world with her talents, currently Esther Choi Age around 32. Every December 17th, she joyously marks her birthday, celebrating another year of life and culinary exploration. As the owner of mkbar and mkbar Brooklyn, alongside her partnership at Ms. Yoo, Choi’s culinary journey is deeply rooted in her Korean heritage. Drawing inspiration from ancestral cooking techniques passed down by her grandmother, she continually innovates, crafting dishes that captivate palates globally. Despite encountering setbacks, like a narrow loss on the competitive stage of Iron Chef, Choi’s passion and commitment remain steadfast. Now, as she ventures into fresh culinary realms, her youthful vigor and inventive spirit continue to shape her remarkable career in the culinary arts.

Who Is Esther Choi?

Esther Choi stands as a luminary in the American culinary landscape, renowned for her prowess as a chef and owner of multiple acclaimed restaurants in New York City. Notably, Mokbar, nestled in Chelsea Market, has emerged as a beacon of authentic Korean cuisine since its establishment in 2014. Its array of soul-warming soups and delectable dumplings has garnered widespread acclaim, drawing patrons seeking genuine flavors and cozy atmospheres. Bolstered by Mokbar’s success, Choi has embarked on a journey of expansion, introducing three new culinary ventures: another Mokbar, Gastropu, and Ms. Yoo. Each of these establishments reflects Choi’s innovative take on Korean gastronomy, promising diners a distinctive and memorable culinary voyage. With an entrepreneurial zeal and unwavering dedication to culinary excellence, Choi continues to shape and elevate the dynamic dining scene of New York City.

Esther Choi Biography

Esther Choi, a native of New York born on November 20th, 1985, boasts a rich Korean heritage, nurtured by her parents Bok N Choi and Mi Choi, alongside siblings Jennifer and Dan Choi. Imbued with a deep appreciation for Korean culture, Esther’s family journeyed to Korea for three years, fostering her profound connection to her roots. A prominent figure in the culinary realm, Esther Choi Age 36 as of August 2023, aligns with the traits of a Scorpio. Anchored in New York, she finds solace and guidance in her Christian faith, which shapes her worldview. Academically driven, Esther pursued her culinary passions post her undergraduate studies at Rutgers University, where she delved into the intricacies of culinary arts at the Institute of Culinary Education, culminating in her graduation in 2011 with a degree in Culinary Arts.

Profile Summary Of Esther Choi

NameEsther Choi
Birth Date17 December 1990
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, USA
Age32 Years Old
Net Worth$5 million
ProfessionChef and hotel owner
SiblingJennifer Choi
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandJerry Choi

Esther Choi Early Life 

Esther Choi, born on December 17, 1990, in New Jersey, has emerged as a prominent figure in the media, deeply rooted in her Korean heritage, inherited from her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Choi. Raised alongside her sister, Jennifer Choi, Esther was immersed in a household steeped in cultural significance. Their family’s relocation to Korea for three pivotal years enriched their lives with the traditions and flavors of Korean cuisine, shaped by their grandmother’s culinary expertise. Esther’s culinary journey blossomed at New York City’s Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), where she cultivated her skills and fervor for the culinary arts, laying the groundwork for her remarkable career trajectory.

Esther Choi Education

From her early years, Esther Choi embarked on a culinary odyssey, laying the groundwork for her career through formal cooking instruction at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in New York City. Nurtured by her grandmother’s mastery of Korean cuisine, Esther’s love for cooking flourished. Her time at ICE equipped her with indispensable skills, complementing the traditional methods inherited from her grandmother. Eager to refine her abilities, Esther immersed herself in diverse culinary settings at esteemed New York City establishments like ilili and La Esquina, broadening her culinary repertoire. Seeking further growth, Esther gleaned inspiration and expertise from her tenure at the Food Network, fueling her aspirations for culinary excellence.

Esther Choi Body Measurement

Weight56 kg (130 lbs)
Height5 feet 7 inches
(1.7 meters)
Eye ColorLovely
PersonalityLovely and relaxed

Esther Choi’s presence is captivating, defined by her striking beauty and graceful demeanor. Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) and weighing 56 kg (130 lbs), she radiates confidence and elegance. Yet, it’s not just her physical attributes that captivate; Esther’s warm and serene personality adds to her charm, making her a delightful presence in any setting. Her eyes, reflecting depth and kindness, encapsulate her inner radiance. Despite her slender frame, Esther’s allure extends beyond her appearance, resonating through her genuine and approachable nature, endearing her to all who encounter her.

Esther Choi Parents

Esther Choi’s family heritage originates from Korea, as her parents immigrated to the United States before her birth, carrying with them a vibrant culinary legacy. Their profound impact guided Esther’s journey in the culinary realm, fostering within her a profound admiration for Korean culture and its cuisine. Together, Esther and her family envisioned broadening the cultural tapestry of New York City by introducing its inhabitants to the rich array of flavors and traditions found in Korean gastronomy through Esther’s culinary endeavors.

Esther Choi Siblings

Esther Choi’s familial connections reach to her sister, Jennifer Choi, who holds a pivotal position in their business ventures. As the controller and managing partner of Mokbar, Jennifer brings her wealth of expertise to the forefront, contributing significantly to the establishment’s success and operational efficiency. Through their collaborative efforts, the Choi sisters uphold a commitment to culinary excellence and demonstrate astute business acumen, ensuring the seamless operation of Mokbar.

Esther Choi’s Career

Chef Esther Choi draws inspiration from her Korean grandmother’s traditional cooking methods, viewing food as a means of cultural expression. Her goal is to introduce the dynamic flavors of Korean cuisine to the diverse palate of New York City. By combining traditional and contemporary influences with fresh, seasonal ingredients, Chef Esther creates a fusion of flavors that encapsulates the essence of Korean culture while appealing to modern tastes.

In the competitive realm of Iron Chef: Search for an Iron Legend on Netflix, Esther Choi competed against seasoned Iron Chefs, narrowly missing victory by a single point. Despite showcasing her exceptional skills throughout the intense season, Esther fell short of claiming the prestigious title of Iron Legend. Challenged by Chairman Mark Dacascos, all contenders were tasked with crafting a dish that would not only showcase their culinary expertise but also leave a lasting impact on their lives. Despite needing assistance to overcome the formidable veterans, Esther’s resilience and determination shone brightly as she navigated the ultimate culinary battle for victory.

Esther Choi Personal Life

Esther Choi and Jerry Choi enjoy a deeply affectionate and satisfying marriage, though they opt to keep certain details, such as their wedding date, confidential despite their enduring devotion to each other. While the couple has been blessed with children, specific details about their offspring remain undisclosed pending further inquiry. Esther, presently 33 years old, and her husband Jerry adhere to a policy of discretion concerning certain personal facets of their lives, effectively preserving their privacy and upholding boundaries.

Esther Choi Iron Chef: Quest For An Iron Legend

In the exciting premiere of Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend on June 15, 2022, Chef Esther Choi joined six other skilled contenders in a fierce competition in Kitchen Stadium. Esther demonstrated her unwavering determination and commitment to the culinary craft, highlighting essential qualities such as passion, competitiveness, strategy, and focus. Acknowledging the show’s broader significance, Esther emphasized the importance of determination and ambition. Grateful for the opportunity, Esther expressed her thanks on social media, appreciating her team’s support and the chance to collaborate with esteemed chefs. With previous experience behind the scenes on Iron Chef, Esther felt privileged to receive mentorship from industry veterans. Alongside Esther, chefs Mason Hereford, Curtis Duffy, Claudette Zepeda, Gregory Gourdet, Mei Lin, and Yia Vang competed against Iron Chefs Curtis Stone, Gabriela Cámara, Dominique Crenn, Marcus Samuelsson, and Ming Tsai.

Esther Choi’s First Restaurant Was An Instant Success

Esther Choi’s culinary journey commenced with perseverance and dedication. Despite launching Mŏkbar in 2014 at the Esther Choi Age of 28, she had already toiled in male-dominated kitchens post culinary school. Enduring exhaustive hours, sometimes exceeding 100 per week, Esther juggled multiple roles to earn respect and expertise. To secure a spot in Manhattan’s Chelsea Market, she impressed the selection committee with a comprehensive business plan and a successful dinner for 10, showcasing her culinary prowess.

Mŏkbar swiftly gained acclaim, earning accolades like a place on Zagat’s “30 under 30” list and the Village Voice reader’s choice award for best new restaurant. Esther’s innovative approach, employing the familiar Japanese noodle restaurant concept to introduce Korean cuisine, garnered widespread praise. Her greatest joy lies in witnessing customers’ excitement as they discover new flavors and cultures. Through Mŏkbar, Esther proudly shares her heritage, igniting joy and appreciation in the culinary sphere.

Esther Choi Has Three Restaurants With A Fourth On The Way

In 2017, Esther Choi expanded her culinary footprint by unveiling the second Mŏkbar outpost in Brooklyn, veering away from the Japanese noodle concept to present a more authentic and traditional Korean menu. Showcased in a video by, Mŏkbar BK features dishes like jipbap, a staple Korean home meal, and mung bean pancake infused with a unique white kimchi. Esther delves into the historical origins of kimchi, highlighting its initial absence of red pepper.

During the same year, Choi and her partners launched Ms. Yoo, a gastropub located in the Lower East Side, drawing inspiration from New York City’s The Spotted Pig. In contrast to her Mŏkbar ventures, Ms. Yoo offers American cuisine with a Korean twist, paying homage to Choi’s grandmother, the establishment’s namesake.

Looking ahead, Esther Choi is set to open a third Mŏkbar location in Midtown Manhattan, as reported by Time Out. Additionally, she will showcase her culinary expertise as a guest chef at Old Stove Pub in the Hamptons during the summer months. Esther’s diverse endeavors continue to demonstrate her innovative approach to blending Korean heritage with culinary excellence.

Esther Choi Is Becoming A Food TV Fixture

Esther Choi’s influence in New York’s culinary landscape extends from the vibrant nightlife of Ms. Yoo to the authentic Korean flavors of her Mŏkbar restaurants. But her journey didn’t start there; she initially honed her skills behind the scenes at Food Network before stepping into the spotlight as a contestant on “Beat Bobby Flay.” From there, she made guest chef appearances on popular shows like “The Chew” and “Today,” showcasing her expertise in Korean cuisine. Choi’s television career continued to flourish as she transitioned into judging roles on “Worst Cooks in America” and “Chopped.” Now, she’s gearing up for a guest-judging stint on “Battle of the Brothers,” set to premiere on Discovery+. But her TV presence goes beyond competitions; she’s hosted kitchen gadget shows, streamed her own cooking series on Amazon, and played a prominent role in the documentary “Her Name Is Chef,” addressing sexism in the restaurant industry.

Esther Choi Hobbies

Esther Choi’s fervent dedication to the culinary arts suggests an unwavering commitment to exploring novel cooking methods, immersing herself in the nuances of genuine Korean cuisine, and possibly cultivating her own garden to procure the freshest ingredients. Her profound involvement in the culinary realm implies a relentless pursuit of knowledge and ingenuity, fueled by a determination to enhance her culinary prowess and curate unforgettable dining encounters. Through her ongoing exploration of innovative techniques and steadfast devotion to authenticity, Choi epitomizes the essence of culinary brilliance and inventive spirit.

Esther Choi’s Net Worth

Esther Choi has amassed an estimated net worth of around $5 million, showcasing her remarkable achievements as a chef. Her culinary ventures have not only solidified her standing in the industry but also enabled her to accumulate considerable wealth, a testament to her unwavering commitment and proficiency. With her trajectory of financial growth, it’s anticipated that Choi’s net worth could soar to $10 million in the foreseeable future. This substantial rise underscores the enduring triumph and prosperity of Choi’s culinary odyssey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Esther Choi:

Q: Who is Esther Choi?

A: Esther Choi is a celebrated American chef and restaurateur known for her innovative take on Korean cuisine.

Q: What restaurants does Esther Choi own?

A: Esther Choi is the proprietor of Mokbar and Mokbar Brooklyn, as well as Ms. Yoo, a popular gastropub situated in New York City.

Q: When was Esther Choi born?

A: Esther Choi was born on November 20th, 1985, in New Jersey, USA.

Q: What is Esther Choi’s net worth?

A: Esther Choi’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million, reflecting her accomplished culinary career and entrepreneurial ventures.

Q: Is Esther Choi married?

A: Yes, Esther Choi is married to Jerry Choi, although they have chosen to keep details about their wedding date private.

Q: How old is Esther Choi?

A: As of August 2023, Esther Choi is 36 years old.

Q: What is Esther Choi’s educational background?

A: Esther Choi completed her high school education and earned her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University. She further pursued her passion for culinary arts at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts in 2011.

Q: What are Esther Choi’s hobbies?

A: Esther Choi is deeply immersed in culinary arts, likely enjoying exploring new cooking techniques, delving into the intricacies of authentic Korean cuisine, and possibly gardening to procure fresh ingredients.


Esther Choi’s culinary voyage is an extraordinary narrative of passion, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. Emerging from humble origins, she has ascended to become a revered chef and accomplished restaurateur, revolutionizing Korean cuisine with her inventive touch. Esther’s relentless drive to push the boundaries of traditional flavors through contemporary methods has entranced both diners and critics, garnering widespread acclaim and admiration in the culinary community. Through her steadfast pursuit of perfection and unwavering dedication to showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Korean culture through cuisine, Esther has carved out a distinctive niche in the industry. As she continues to expand her culinary domain and leave an indelible imprint on the gastronomic landscape, Esther’s influence and legacy are poised to endure for generations to come.

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