emily compagno net worth

Emily Compagno Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Education, Investmwnt, Personal Life & More

Emily Compagno Net Worth

$5 million

emily compagno net worth

Emily Compagno has built quite the career for herself, with an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2024. Her journey includes serving as a co-host on Fox News and contributing as a legal analyst. Known for her expertise in law and her engaging presence, she’s become a familiar face on shows like Outnumbered and Gutfeld! Before her TV career, she cheered for the NFL, adding another dynamic to her background. It’s reported that she earned around $0.4 million annually from her work at Fox News.

NameAnnabel Croft
Net Worth $5 Million
ProfessionBritish former tennis player
Monthly Income$50,000 +
Yearly Income$0.6 Million +
Country (sports)Great Britain
Prize money$201,254

Early Life Of Emily Compagno

Early Life Of Emily Compagno

Emily Compagno was born on November 9, 1979, in Oak Knoll, California, USA. In 2019, she turned 40 and is a Scorpio by zodiac sign. Coming from a military background, both her parents served in the US Army. Her grandfather also had a distinguished military career, serving from 1912 to 1946 and participating in both World Wars, including in Veracruz, Mexico. Emily’s heritage is mixed, with Caucasian and Italian roots, and she holds American nationality. She grew up alongside her two sisters, Natalie Compagno and Julietta Compagno Skoog.

Profile Summary Of Emily Compagno

Full nameEmily Rose Compagno
Date of birthNovember 9, 1979
Emily Compagno’s age42 years (as of 2022)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthOakland, California
Current residenceSeattle, Washington
EthnicityMixed (White, Italian, German)
Height in feet and inches5’6″
Height in centimetres169
Weight in pounds121
Weight in kilograms55kgs
Eye colourHazel
Hair colourDark brown
ParentsJohn Compagno and Katherine Bertsch
SiblingsNatalie and Julietta
Marital statusMarried
HusbandPeter Reilly
ProfessionTelevision host and attorney
Net worth$2 million

Education Of Emily Compagno

After finishing high school, Emily headed to the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. She later pursued her law degree, earning a J.D. from the University of San Francisco in California in 2006. According to her wiki, Emily finds joy in dancing, participating in photoshoots, and engaging in charity work. Standing tall at 5 feet 6 inches (about 1.68 meters) and weighing around 55 kg, she’s described with dark hair and brown eyes.

Emily Compagno Legal Career

Emily Compagno Legal Career

Emily Compagno is indeed a practicing attorney. Following her graduation, she started her career in San Francisco, specializing in criminal defense law. She then transitioned to work for John T. Noonan at the Court of Appeals and later as a Federal Attorney with the Social Security Administration. Her legal journey took her to Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town for various positions.

During her time in San Francisco, Emily also took on the role of captain for the Raiderettes, the NFL’s Oakland Raiders cheerleading squad (now the Las Vegas Raiders). Her skills as a cheerleader led to opportunities to promote the NFL in Shanghai and Beijing.

Throughout her career, Emily has held numerous legal roles, including criminal defense, civil litigation, and federal management. She’s been involved in high-profile cases such as the New York prison break, federal spending bill/government shutdowns, and the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s State Department classified emails.

Emily Compagno Television Career

Emily Compagno Television Career

In 2018, Emily made her debut on Fox News as a legal analyst and contributor. She became a familiar face as a co-host on a show called The Five and regularly contributed to Gutfeld! In 2020, she took on the role of hosting Crimes That Changed America, a show that ran for two seasons.

Then, in 2021, Emily’s role expanded as she was named one of the permanent co-hosts of the Outnumbered show, joining Kayleigh McEnany and Harris Faulkner on the panel.

Emily Compagno Married Life

Emily Compagno has been married since 2017 to Peter Reilly, who works as a real estate agent. They first met as teenagers in Seattle and developed a close friendship before becoming romantically involved.

Their wedding took place on September 14, 2017, at a hotel in Ravello, Italy. The couple currently lives in Seattle, Washington, and also owns a second home in the San Francisco Bay area.

Emily Compagno Smart Investment Choices

In addition to her successful media career, Emily Compagno has made savvy investment choices that have significantly contributed to her wealth. She owns a range of assets, including luxury cars and real estate properties, which have proven to be valuable additions to her financial portfolio.

Emily’s car collection is quite impressive, featuring vehicles like the Volvo XC90, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Range Rover Evoque, Toyota Vellfire, and Jaguar XE. These high-end cars not only reflect her love for luxury but also serve as valuable assets in her overall financial plan.

Her real estate investments are equally noteworthy, with ownership of three properties that have likely increased in value over time. Investing in real estate is a wise financial move, as property values often appreciate, further boosting her net worth. Additionally, she owns a luxury yacht, adding another prestigious asset to her portfolio.

Emily Compagno’s Role On Fox News

Emily Compagno's Role On Fox News

During her time at Fox News, Emily Compagno has taken on various roles, including co-hosting “Outnumbered” and making frequent appearances on shows like “The Five” and “Gutfeld!” Her background in law and her engaging presence on screen have endeared her to viewers.

Though exact figures vary, reports suggest that Emily Compagno’s net worth is in the millions, thanks to a substantial salary from Fox News. Her success in law, television, investments, and other business ventures all contribute to her financial prosperity.

Before her legal and television career, Emily cheered for the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, showcasing her versatility and love for sports. She even had the honor of being chosen as an ambassador by the NFL to promote American football in China, highlighting her passion for the game.

Emily Compagno Financial Investments

Emily Compagno has seen significant financial gains through her stock portfolio, which is currently valued at $900,000. Within this portfolio, she has made smart investments in established companies such as Comcast, Wells Fargo, Visa, Netflix, PayPal, and Salesforce.

Investing in stocks allows individuals to share in the success and growth of these reputable companies, offering the potential for substantial financial returns. Emily’s savvy investment choices have undoubtedly played a key role in growing her net worth.

Emily Compagno Car Collection

Emily Compagno Car Collection

During her college years, Emily Compagno received a Mercedes S-Class as a gift from her parents for her 18th birthday. Later, after securing her first job at Blaze Media and earning her first significant paycheck, she treated herself to a BMW 6 Series.

As her career at Fox News progressed, Emily expanded her car collection with two new additions. She purchased a Jaguar XF and a Porsche, reflecting her success and evolving tastes over time.

Emily Compagno House

Emily Compagno recently invested in a lavish 7-bedroom house in Los Angeles, splurging $8 million on the property. To facilitate this purchase, she secured a mortgage from Citibank.

Thanks to her recent lucrative contract with Fox, Emily plans to repay the loan within two years. Additionally, she owns two apartments in New York with a combined value of $2.5 million, adding to her impressive real estate portfolio.

Fun facts about Emily Compagno

  • Emily Compagno is active on social media, with over 316k followers on Instagram and more than 182k followers on Twitter.
  • She has a passion for travel and has participated in charitable activities in Africa, including assisting in the construction of clean wells and volunteering with orphanages.
  • Emily enjoys auto racing in her free time.
  • Her legal career has taken her to cities like Cape Town, South Africa, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • She shares her home with a pet Doberman named Duchess.
  • Emily is a member of a baseball team called Smokers and is known for her fashion-forward style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Emily Compagno’s net worth?

Emily Compagno’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2024.

Q. What is Emily Compagno’s background?

Emily Compagno is an American attorney, TV host, and former NFL cheerleader.

Q. Where has Emily Compagno worked in her legal career?

Emily has held legal positions in cities like Cape Town, South Africa, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Q. What are Emily Compagno’s hobbies?

Emily enjoys traveling, auto racing, and participating in charitable activities.

Q. Does Emily Compagno have any pets?

Yes, Emily has a pet Doberman named Duchess.


Emily Compagno’s transition from a thriving attorney to a well-known TV personality mirrors her wide-ranging skills and interests. Her commitment to excelling in both the legal and media realms, alongside her charitable work and zest for adventure, has earned her respect in both her professional and personal life. With an expanding fan following and a flourishing career, Emily remains a source of inspiration, touching lives through her accomplishments and positive impact.

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