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Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, better realized by his stage name Anuel AA, was brought into the world on November 26, 1992, in Puerto Rico. He’s acquired acclaim for his one of a kind mix of vocals and rap abilities, making music that resounds with crowds around the world. Anuel AA has a skill for mixing his melodies with a nostalgic energy, frequently consolidating components from tunes that were darling during his childhood. This adds a unique touch to his music, interfacing audience members to his own encounters and recollections.

Anuel Height

Anuel AA is 1.85 meters, or roughly 6 feet 1 inch or 185 cm, tall. You don’t miss that at all, especially when you encounter him in a crowd. But hey, compared to his dad, he might not be the biggest guy around. His old man’s got that whole “towering over everyone” thing going on.

Still, Anuel AA’s height suits him just fine. It matches his overall build and style. It’s interesting to think about how he stacks up against the average guy in Puerto Rico and the US. Turns out, he’s a couple of inches above the norm in both places. Guess he’s got that extra edge in more ways than one!

Who is Anuel?

In the center of Puerto Rico, on November 26, 1992, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, also known as Anuel AA, was born. This guy isn’t just creating music; he’s also creating an entire genre, becoming the first in the Latin trap movement.

Anuel AA seems to be offering you an unvarnished glimpse into his world, the gritty, bustling streets of Puerto Rico, when he spits forth his songs. Drawing on his own experiences and the things he witnessed growing up, he isn’t hesitant to delve deeply into issues like crime and urban life. What’s really cool is how he incorporates these sentimental undertones by including snippets of songs from the past that really impacted him.

But Anuel AA hasn’t had it all easy sailing. No, he has experienced plenty of drama, including run-ins with the authorities and some quite high-profile disputes with other prominent figures in the industry. But really, all of that merely serves to further cement Anuel AA’s legend and heighten the interest in his tale.

Anuel Biography

Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, aka Anuel AA, the rising star in the trap and reggaeton scenes. Born on November 27, 1992, in Carolina, Puerto Rico, he’s got music in his blood, thanks to his parents—his dad, José Gazmey, was a big shot at Sony Music in Puerto Rico, and his mom, Nilda Santiago, must have passed on some serious musical genes.

Anuel AA’s journey in music is like a reflection of his roots in Puerto Rico. No matter where you are from, he puts his all into creating sounds and words that make you feel something. He seems to be communicating directly to you, establishing a connection with listeners that transcends boundaries and language.  And man, does it resonate.

Full NameEmmanuel Gazmey Santiago
NicknameAnuel AA
Date of Birth26th November 1992
Age30 years old as of 2023
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthCarolina, Puerto Rico
Current ResidenceSunny Isles Beach, Florida, USA
NationalityPuerto Rican
Height (feet)5’ 6’’
Height (centimeters)167
Weight (pounds)152
Weight (kilograms)69
Shoe Size9 (US)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
MotherNilda Santiago
FatherJosé Gazmey
SiblingsTwo (Frabian Eli and Juliana)
Relationship StatusDivorced
Ex-PartnerAstrid Cuevas
ChildrenThree (Pablo, Gianella, and Cattleya Anuel)
ProfessionPuerto Rican rapper and singer
Net Worth$20 million

Anuel Early Life

 We should jump into the account of Anuel AA, brought into the world on November 26, 1992, in Carolina, Puerto Rico. His underlying foundations are an energetic blend, with a Puerto Rican mother from European plunge and a father of African plummet. His dad, José, was a big deal in Puerto Rico, working as the VP of Sony Music Entertainment’s A&R division.

Anuel AA’s love for music started young, like really young. At only 14, he was at that point jumping recklessly into the music scene, powered by the energy that was supported in his loved ones. Growing up, he got a firsthand gander at the music business, because of his father’s profession. That early exposure gave him a leg up, shaping his own path in the industry.

Anuel Age

Anuel, who is 31 years old, has made a name for himself in the music business by 2024. His boundless energy and knack for fusing many musical styles into something wholly unique enthrall the crowd each time he performs. He seems to have a mystical touch that simply seizes hold of your spirit.

The fact that Anuel’s music is deeply influenced by his Puerto Rican background is absolutely great. Every lyric and beat has that link to it. It’s what makes him unique and has admirers praising him all around the world.

Anuel AA’s Weight

Word on the street is that Anuel AA, tipping the scales at 70 kilograms now, wasn’t always this fit. Rumor has it, he used to carry around over 110 kilograms before he decided to make a change. Yes, he really went all out, changing his diet, his way of life, and even the way he looked. It appears as though he has completely changed.

Anuel Family 

Anuel AA’s early years were spent in Carolina, Puerto Rico, which is where his roots lie. It wasn’t always easy growing up in a mixed-race family—his dad is Afro-Puerto Rican, while his mom is White. Anuel AA has been candid about the difficulties he encountered as a result of his race, describing how prejudice affected him from an early age. But hey, he’s made the most of those setbacks by using his platform to raise awareness of pressing concerns and encourage people to value their ancestry.

FatherJosé Gazmey
MotherNilda Santiago

Anuel Personal Life

Anuel AA is not only connected professionally, but he has a profound romantic relationship with Colombian artist Karol G. However, Astrid Cuevas, with whom Karol shares a son named Pablo Anuel, existed before him.

However, let’s speak of the sweethearts. August 2018 was the first encounter between Anuel AA and Karol G during the recording of the music video for their song “Culpables.” It was just after Anuel AA was released from custody, so you can only imagine how heated things got.

Fast forward to January 2019, and they’re not hiding their love anymore. Nope, they’re out in the open, letting the world know they’re an item. And they made it official in a big way on April 25, 2019, at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Karol G showed up rocking a gorgeous diamond ring, sealing the deal on their commitment to each other. Talk about relationship goals!

Anuel AA’s Musical Style and Influence

In addition to dominating football, Anuel AA is also a music video game star. He is well-known for his sick lyrics, incredible voice, and overall entertainer vibes. He is a master of the reggaeton and hip-hop worlds. His ability to expertly combine these two genres and include nostalgic tunes is what makes him unique. His sound seems to encompass a whole vibe, which has elevated him to a prominent position in the music industry.

Anuel Career

Let’s take a journey back to 2010 when Anuel AA first got serious about his rap game. He started sharing his music online, using social media to connect with fans, and man, did it pay off. People were feeling his vibe, giving him mad love and views from all over the globe. And with support from his dad and rapper Nengo Flow, he dropped his first single, “Demonia,” in 2011. That was just the beginning.

Anuel AA’s star kept rising with collabs left and right—Ozuna, Arcangel, Jory Boy, De La Ghetto, you name it. But it was “Esclava” that really put him on the map, racking up over 109 million views on YouTube. Even American heavy hitter Rick Ross took notice and signed him to Maybach Music Label.

But then, in 2016, things took a turn. Anuel AA and his crew got caught with some weapons after leaving a club, landing him in hot water. It was a tough time, but his fans had his back, rallying behind the #FreeAnuel movement.

Even behind bars, Anuel AA didn’t stop making music. He continued dropping tracks, working together with enormous names like Awful Rabbit, Nicky Jam, and J Balvin. Furthermore, when he at long last got out in 2018, he burned through no time, dropping his presentation collection “Genuine Hasta La Muerte,” which exploded the graphs. 

Presently, with north of 500 million perspectives on YouTube and then some, Anuel AA’s not dialing back at any point in the near future. His new banger with Tekashi69, “Bebe,” is evidence of that, pulling in more than 270 million perspectives in a month. And his latest release, “Que Seria,” is just more fuel to the fire, showing he’s still got that magic touch.

Anuel Net Worth

Anuel AA is enjoying his substantial $20 million fortune in addition to making a lot of money. Not too bad, would you say? While he was imprisoned, his breakthrough album, “Real Hasta la Muerte,” was released, and it completely changed the game. Imagine penning hit songs while incarcerated—that would take devotion!

Anuel AA isn’t stopping there, though. His repertoire includes hits like “Emmanuel” and “Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren,” as well as chart-topping songs like “China” and “Me Gusta.” In Latin rap, he’s essentially become a household name.

However, things haven’t always gone as planned. Anuel AA has experienced his fair share of highs and lows, including legal issues and some very contentious disputes with other musicians. Well, at least he’s still standing and producing music that gets people talking. He’s undoubtedly enjoying the good life with that bank account.

Anuel Relationship 

The past few months have been quite the rollercoaster for Anuel AA’s love life. Six months after becoming Instagram official in January 2022, he and Yailin La Más Viral tied the knot in June. What a fast-paced romance! However, things took a turn when Anuel revealed on Instagram Live in February that they were divorcing, only five months after their wedding. Hurt.

And as if that wasn’t enough drama, the image also features Karol G. Anuel wasted little time in trying to get her back; on his Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren tour, he even wrote songs specifically for her. Whoa, what a magnificent gesture!

But wait, it gets even messier. Enter 6ix9ine, stirring the pot with his now-deleted social media posts, openly siding with Yailin and throwing shade at Anuel. It’s a wild turn of events, especially considering they used to be tight, collaborating on hits like “Bebe” back in 2018.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier, Yailin and 6ix9ine teamed up for a collab called “Pa Ti,” which actually made it to No. 37 on the Hot Latin Songs chart. That’s Yailin’s third appearance on the chart, following her previous tracks with Anuel and other big names in the game. Talk about drama on and off the charts!


  1. Height: Anuel AA stands tall at 1.85 meters, equivalent to approximately 6 feet 1 inch or 185 centimeters.
  2. Family Height: While Anuel AA is notably tall, he might not be the tallest in his family, as his father is described as towering over others.
  3. Comparison: Anuel AA’s height surpasses the average for men in both Puerto Rico and the US, giving him an extra edge.
  4. Suitability: His height complements his overall build and style, contributing to his charismatic presence on stage and in crowds.


Anuel AA, born Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago on November 26, 1992, in Puerto Rico, has risen to fame in the music industry with his unique blend of vocals and rap skills. Standing at 1.85 meters tall, he captivates audiences worldwide with his energetic performances. Despite facing challenges, including legal issues and disputes within the industry, Anuel AA’s music continues to resonate deeply with fans, reflecting his Puerto Rican roots and personal experiences.


1. How tall is Anuel AA?

Anuel AA stands at 1.85 meters, or approximately 6 feet 1 inch.

2. Is Anuel AA taller than the average person in Puerto Rico and the US?

Yes, Anuel AA is taller than the average person in both Puerto Rico and the US, adding to his presence on stage and in crowds.

3. Does Anuel AA’s height influence his music career?

While his height may not directly influence his music career, it complements his overall stage presence and style, contributing to his charismatic performances.

4. Is Anuel AA’s height a significant aspect of his public image?

While Anuel AA’s height may not be a central focus of his public image, it contributes to his physical presence, enhancing his appeal as an artist.

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